Common problems couples face in an arranged marriage

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Common problems couples face in an arranged marriage

While the period of courtship may have been full of excitement, marriage and its monotony often dim the romance between a couple. But no matter what your concerns are, brutal honesty about your emotions is the only way to move forward. In the interest of strengthening your bond with your partner, today, we explore some of the common problems faced by couples who have had an arranged marriage.

The death of romance

The death of romance is a common phenomenon that husbands and wives experience after the honeymoon phase of the marriage has ended. This is when the reality of running a functioning household together sinks in and you desperately crave an escape. If you find that your date nights have been replaced by family dinners and your moments of intimacy have been replaced by doing the laundry together, then it may be time to plan a few romantic moments to spice up your marriage.

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Diverse approach to parenting

Since both husband and the wife grew up in different families, it is natural that they have a different approach to parenting. So, there are often conflicts on methods of disciplining kids, TV time, meal preferences and so on. Furthermore, if you tend to live with your in-laws, they may not approve of your parenting strategies, which may cause friction in your little paradise. Hence you must have a lengthy discussion about your parenting plan to get everyone on the same page.

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Infidelity is more common than you think. In certain cases, one of the spouses finds that the other isn’t completely happy with the marriage and has a roving eye. On the other hand, some couples realise that one of them has been coerced into marriage and forced to end a pre-existing relationship because they parents did not approve of the partner. Hence, your marriage may soon be on the rocks if your partner has continued to see their lover unbeknownst to you.

Should you wish to mend your relationship, you may always see a family therapist or marriage counsellor to better understand how to tackle the issues you face.

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7 days ago
In an arranged marriage each one of the couple should better be prepared to face the normal reality that other one has a history of love affair. An affair that was impossible to be culminated into marriage. It's best to be open to each other about the past to bury it successfully and start a new affair called marital love. Based on respectful responsibility and romance to be found in everyday household chores. Otherwise if anyone of the couple think of loving past lover hideously under the cover of successful mechanical performance of duties and responsibilities to the partner in marriage he will be exposed in far future when vigour and youth has been replaced by old age and infirmity. And the parmanent loss of love and respect from his wife. At the same time it'd be quite impossible and uninteresting to build a practical relationship with past lover.
3 days ago
Easier said than done.