THIS is the complete checklist for the bride to be on her wedding day

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THIS is the complete checklist for the bride to be on her wedding day

On your wedding day, you wake up with a surge of panic in the air that it is important to remind you of all the essential things you need. There is so much to look after and much less time to plan it all. While looking at the bigger picture, you tend to miss out on small things. To make your worries lesser and give you a checklist to tick off all the items you need in your bag, here are the items you cannot do without on your D-day. 

1. Robe

Since you are not going to be in your wedding attire all day, you can put on a comfortable robe and relax before the main function starts. It is also easy to do makeup.

2. Reusable water bottle

It is important to stay hydrated at all times as weddings can get really hectic. Carry a water bottle with you that you can refill all day long.

3. First aid kit

To avoid getting a headache on your wedding day and falling sick because of all the frenzy, it is advisable to carry a first aid kit. 

4. Safety pins


Safety pins are a must to avoid any chances of a wardrobe malfunction or to fix your wedding dress as a quick hack in times of crisis. 

5. Hairpins

You must carry lots of hairpins as you don’t need a fashion disaster on your wedding day. In case you need extra hairpins to fix your hair that might get frizzy because of the weather.

6. Blotting papers


If you are getting married in the summer season, chances are you might start sweating a lot. To avoid your face getting too oily or your makeup coming off, blot papers are a quick hack to get rid of the excess oil on your face.

7. Mobile phone charger/power bank

Carry a power bank in case your phone battery dies and you have no pictures on your phone of your wedding day or simply if people need to reach out to you

8. Re-touch makeup kit


You can pack a small kit of all the essential makeup items you might require to do touch up. You can include lipstick, face powder, blush, concealer and mascara in the kit.

9. Oral hygiene kit

Pack yourself a tiny bag of all the essential items you would need for your oral hygiene while travelling like mouth wash, brush, toothpaste, floss.

10. Pocket tissues

It is imperative to carry tissues to clean up any mess or to wipe the extra sweat from your face.

11. Perfume


You always want to smell good on your wedding day and feel fresh. Carry a deodorant or a small perfume bottle to avoid bad odour. 

12. Face wipes

To remove all the makeup after your wedding, face wipes always ease out the process.

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