Easy couple poses to make your wedding album look like a Bollywood movie

Photography is an important part of the wedding ceremony as it is the ultimate and only thing that can help you to cherish the big moment of your life. So, Nikhil Arora, Founder of Knotty Days, shares some easy ideas of couple poses to make your wedding album look like a Bollywood movie.
Tips for Wedding Photography Easy couple poses to make your wedding album look like a Bollywood movie
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Weddings are always a big event for everyone. From the decor, perfect outfits to food counters and dance routines, everything has to be in place to make the wedding a perfect moment. But what is that one other thing that makes the wedding even more memorable? It is the couple’s pictures. Yes, a wedding is all about the couple who are about to start a new life together and their wedding album should reflect the same. But not all of us are good at posing because it is an art and can take ages to get the “perfect pose”. Since the couple barely gets any time for the pictures amidst all the other wedding rituals, it is better to be prepared with your poses beforehand to not waste any time in thinking. Nikhil Arora, Founder of Knotty Days, gives you the idea of some easiest and most creative poses that are doable and yet effective. Check them out and practice them with your beau.

Start with the basics

It takes time to get comfortable with the camera so it’s better to always start with a pose that is comfortable and easy. Just stand with your hands clutched into each other, with a little distance in between. You can look at each other to feel confident and not think about the camera. This will help both of you to get in the groove and prepare for more intimate poses.

Hold them by the hip

In this one, you both stand side to side with the guy touching the hip of the girl, and she does the same (both from the behind). The other hands will be on the sides, the guy’s in his pocket and the girl’s on her waist. This one is basic too but you get to be a little closer.

Hug each other

Now that you’ve started getting closer, why not say it with a hug? Your wedding album is all about the love you share and nothing better than a long warm hug can show that. Hug each other with the guy’s hands on her waist, and her hands on his shoulder. You two can look at each other and smile. This pose looks great on the camera.

Seal it with a kiss

Gone are the days when couples shied away from kissing in their photos. The way you wish to kiss your partner is totally up to the couple. It could be on the forehead, cheeks, lips, or even the palms. The photo should reflect the relationship you two share, so make this one count.

Go back in time

If you guys love to revisit the good old times, then get yourself clicked at the place you first met. You can recreate the same scene with the same or similar clothes in the same cafe. It’ll help you cherish the times that brought you closer, and well we all know how special our first times are.

Go crazy together

If you both love to go crazy together then just do it. Pick up fun activities like paintball, or paragliding, or even clay modelling together and get yourself clicked while doing that. You can also do an underwater shoot if you both are water babies.

Go bold

For some, romance can be a little bold too. Dress up as the hottest couple in town and get all candid with the camera. Let the shoot just be about the passion you two share and we’re sure the pictures will tell your story well.

Be picky with the backdrops

Pick great locations, like a beautiful beach or a farm or terrace with night city views or a fort. These scenic views add a lot of element to your pictures. You can even rent a location that can be modified with props to tell your story. Do not shy away from making your wedding album memorable because it’ll stay with you forever. We want you to have a smile on your face each time you look at your album and so we hope these poses will help you achieve that.

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