Feeling nervous and confused before your wedding? Try these 5 ways to deal with the jitters

Tying the knot is a very major life decision in everybody’s life and everyone feels nervous before their big day. Check out these 5 ways to deal with the nerves and calm yourself down.
Feeling nervous and confused before your wedding? Try these 5 ways to deal with the jitters
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A month before your wedding, you are going crazy planning everything and making sure you have tick marked everything from the list, be it the outfit, the venue or the decor. You have zilch time to take a pause and really think about how you feel about taking such a big step. 

With only 10 days left for your wedding, the nerves start to kick in. You feel this knot in the stomach and feel anxious while also being elated and excited. Feeling a rollercoaster of emotions before your big day is absolutely normal and every bride goes through it. Here are 5 ways to deal with the pre-wedding jitters and anxiety.

Accept it

The first step to deal with the anxiety is to not dismiss it off or try to suppress it and accept what you are feeling. Accept the fact that you are feeling nervous and confused and try to find the reason behind it.

Question it

Ask yourself questions like ‘Why am I feeling this way?’, ‘Do I think I am making a mistake?’ ‘Is it just nervousness or something else?’. Assess your answers to these questions and then make a decision.

Be optimistic

It is very common to be scared while getting married since you will be going to a new home and will be away from your comfort zone. Remind yourself of how lucky you are to be getting married to the love of your life and have a positive outlook. 

Address it

Sometimes, it can be more than just pre-wedding jitters. If you at any point feel that you are not satisfied with your decision to tie the knot and have doubts, then address those doubts and be vocal about them.


Tell yourself that it is normal to feel this way and these are just nerves that will eventually go away. Indulge yourself if needed and talk it out with your besties and parents to feel lighter and relaxed.

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