Getting married soon? Here are the must have jewellery pieces that every bride needs

Every bride needs some essential jewellery pieces that make her a complete bride and in case you miss out on something, you may need this list of must-have bridal jewellery pieces.
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Getting married feels awesome and every bride has a lot of dreams. Every bride is the focus of a wedding. What she wears is very important! From her clothes to her jewellery everything holds a lot of importance. It is essential to pay special attention to what a bride wears and if you're getting married you definitely want to pay attention to the jewellery you don because it is going to be on thing that makes your outfit look more glam. Every desi bride needs to wear a lot more than just some bangles and heavy neckpiece and earrings. There are numerous other jewellery essentials that every bride needs to have in her kitty for the absolutely perfect wedding look. A complete bridal look cannot be complete without these essential jewellery pieces that simply add some desi perfect to your bridal look.

Here are the jewellery essentials for every bride-to-be

1. Maang Tika

This piece is an essential part of a bridal trousseau. A beautiful head locket is essential for a complete bridal look. Every bride needs a maang tika or a matha patti or maybe even a passa to complete her bridal look and adorn her head with beautiful accessories.

2. Nose Ring

The bride needs to have a little accessory that accentuated her facial features and one of them is a nath or a nose ring. A traditional nose ring helps highlight the bride's face and makes her look even more traditional.


3. Hathphool

Other than bangles and kadas and chudas and rings a bride needs something heavier to accentuate the henna pattern on her hands and make them look prettier and a hathphool or a hand harness does the job perfectly.

4. Payal

Every bride needs to adorn her ankles with something that can make her sound and feel like a newly wedded and the one thing that does this is a pair of desi anklets. A set of gold or silver payal as per your culture is essential for every bride. You cannot be kicking that pot of rice with empty ankles.

5. Kamar band

Our waist has a different appeal altogether and when you're the bride you need to do more than weight loss to accentuate your waist. The best way to do it is to wear an appealing Kamar band that brings more attention to your waist. 

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