Green flags to look for when meeting a prospective groom for arranged marriage

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Green flags to look for when meeting a prospective groom for arranged marriage

One of the most problematic parts of arranged marriage meetings is the limited time you get to discern whether he is the one for you. Many fear not knowing what they are getting into. But fret not, while you focus on having a good conversation with the man who might just be your future husband, we share some green flags that you must look out for. These will let you know that he’s saying or doing all the right things.

  1. You share similar interests

There’s no getting around the fact that the two of you will be little more than strangers to each other for a while. But you can ascertain that your husband shares a variety of interests with you. If you begin to realise early in the conversation that you both have a penchant for dance, or like to listen to the same kind of music, or even have a habit of reading books, or watching theatrical plays; then you may get along really well.

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  1. He's willing to split the marriage costs equally

In a lot of communities across the world it is convention for people to expect the girl’s family to pay for the entire wedding. However, this may not always be fair, so if the potential groom or his family offer to pay for half of the cost of the marriage ceremonies, then you know you have found a good partner who believes in equality.

  1. He has a sense of humor that you appreciate

Almost everyone finds different things amusing. Yet if you notice that you tend to laugh at the same things, then he may have the kind of sense of humor that you appreciate. After all, the last thing you want is to be forced to laugh at things that aren’t funny for the rest of your life.

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Communicating effectively during your first meeting is imperative so that you can gauge whether or not you share a camaraderie with this man who could be your future husband.

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