Having a court marriage? 7 cute ways to make it make a memorable one

Updated on Jun 05, 2020 11:21 AM IST  |  1.4M
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Having a court marriage? 7 cute ways to make it make a memorable one

Are you planning on having a court marriage? Court marriages are becoming more common today than they used to be. Indian weddings are known to be a lavish affair, but having a small and intimate wedding has its own charm. It is easy, saves you a lot of money and is it’s all about you and your loved ones. 

Court marriages might not be a fairytale wedding but it is definitely more meaningful to embark on a new phase of your life in the presence of people who mean the most to you. It is often looked upon as a boring event sans excitement. But that doesn’t have to be the case with your wedding. Irrespective of where you are getting marries, your big day should always be special. 

Here are 7 cute ways you can make your court marriage a memorable one. 

1. Just because it’s a court marriage, it doesn’t mean that you have to dress simple. From an elegant saree to a beautiful lehenga, you can wear whatever you’d like. 

2. Hire a professional photographer – one thing where you should invest because your pictures are treasures that you will cherish for a lifetime. 

3. A court marriage means a smaller number of guests and they must be pretty special. So, why not send personalized invites for your special guests. 

4. Since you’re having a small, intimate wedding, you can have an after-party to enjoy the day with your closed ones. 

5. If you have the budget, then why not get a classy ride to go around town with the love of your life. 

6. Go to a nice restaurant to celebrate the first day as a married couple. 

7. You can bring some tradition into your court marriage by having a small Baraat walk from a pre-decided point till the court. This way everyone attending the marriage can have some fun of their own. 

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