Having an intimate wedding? Here’s the ultimate guide to help you plan your D day

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Having an intimate wedding? Here’s the ultimate guide to help you plan your D day

The ongoing pandemic has changed our lives in more ways than one. Several industries are affected by it, including weddings. It became more of a nuisance when couples all set to get married heard of the lockdown. After months of preparations, they were left confused as they were forced to postpone their wedding. But soon good news came when the government allowed the couples to have an intimate wedding with 50 guests. 

Instead of a big wedding, you can have a simple and small affair. If planned right, intimate weddings can be fun and happening. After all, you’re doing this for the greater good of all. That said, you must have trawled the internet in search of the perfect way to have your intimate wedding. Fret not! Today we are sharing with you the ultimate guide to having the perfect intimate wedding. 

Here is the ultimate guide to hosting an intimate wedding. 


With intimate weddings, you can choose from a plethora of options to choose from. Choose a venue that allows you to practice proper safety and hygiene. If the number of guests is limited, you can have a wedding at your house in your garden or terrace. 

In case your state guidelines allow you to have wedding functions at a banquet hall, then you can book a small space to have your intimate wedding. Society parks, community halls and rental homes are some other options to choose for your small wedding. 

Wedding Décor

Since it’s going to be an intimate wedding, decorating it would not be a hassle. From DIY décor or hiring someone to decorate the venue will do the job. For DIY projects, you can go for lanterns, floating centrepiece, greens, floral arrangements, and more. 

Bridal outfit 

Since we are no longer under full lockdown, there are some options available for the brides to be for their wedding outfits. Several brides are wearing their grandmother’s or mother’s wedding outfits to make your big day even more memorable. 

You can also DIY your bridal outfit and match your face mask with it. Even designers have reopened, online portals like Pernia’s Pop Up Shop, AZA fashion and more have begun delivering.    


Now that the bridal ensemble is sorted, it is time to get the makeup sorted. It is all about a natural, dewy look for millennial brides. So, for your intimate wedding, you can DIY makeup if you can, or you can always hire a professional makeup artist to make you look ravishing on your D-day. 


How can we get photographers? Those are the people who make the wedding memories last a lifetime by clicking the most amazing pictures of you and your loved ones. Hire a professional photographer, which by the way, is not so difficult. Once you get them, share the photos with the people who couldn’t be there to witness the day. 


With your guest list cut short and wedding date changed, you need to send out invitations. But at times like these, it can be difficult to get them ready on time. The quick and easy is a way to create your own invitations. DIY your wedding invitations for your small and intimate weddings. Be creative with it and bring your own element to it. They will be inexpensive and will have a personal touch as well. 

Coordinating with guests 

Due to the government guidelines, you can only include 50 guests at your wedding. Some states like Uttar Pradesh have only permitted 30 people. To enjoy the day to the fullest with your loved ones, have an online wedding and make sure all your guests are well informed with the timings. 


This is one area you can go all out. Since it’s a small wedding, you can include as many food items you want with keeping everyone’s choice in mind. From tasty starters to lip-smacking dishes, you can choose your wedding menu the way you want. In larger weddings, you have to think about preparing for a huge crowd, but with a small wedding, all you need to think about is what you and your loved ones prefer. 

From the menu to the décor, you can split the responsibility between the bride and groom’s sides to make your wedding day a successful and memorable affair.  


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