Heading to a wedding? Here’s what you should NOT gift to the newly weds

onfused about what to gift to the newly weds? While there are thousands of gifting options available at the tip of your fingers, there are certain items you should never ever gift to the new couple.
Heading to a wedding? Here’s what you should NOT gift to the newly weds
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The couple might have blessed each other with the gift of eternal love but, you still have to figure out the perfect gift for the perfect couple. While some of us are simply sick of receiving (and gifting) gift vouchers and discount coupons, they are nothing compared to the universally frowned upon bad luck wedding gifts! Unlike what you have heard about weddings, the ceremonies aren’t just about love, happiness, and the future - they are also about gifts! A thoughtful gift will be admired by the couple whereas a bad luck present might make them angry! Unless you hate the couple whose wedding you are attending, you should probably steer clear of the presents that are bad luck. If you don’t want to just stick to the registry, check out this list of gifts you shouldn't get for a wedding!

1. Knives

Knives are an absolute no-no when it comes to wedding gifts. You must steer clear from gifting knives even if your friends love cooking. Knives or any sharp objects are metaphors for a relationship curt short and must be avoided!

2. Mirrors

Mirrors are great decor items but a terrible wedding gift. Since it’s a fragile object, there’s a good chance of it breaking and we all know a broken mirror means seven years of bad luck!

3. Handkerchiefs

Hand embroidered handkerchiefs may be symbols of great affection but it’s a good idea to not present them as wedding gifts. Handkerchiefs are used to wipe tears and gifting them would look like as if you are wishing sadness for the couple!

4. Shoes

Shoes are a taboo when it comes to presenting them as wedding gifts. Buying shoes for the couple mean that either of them will walk out of the marriage soon or walk all over the other person!

5. Wallets

In some cultures, gifting wallets to a new couple is frowned upon. It could mean that you are mocking their finances and hoping that they run out of money soon!

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