Here's what you need to pack in your bridal emergency kit

Indian weddings are crazy and you cannot avoid a bridal mishap in such a situation. You never know when your outfit may rip or your earring may fall off, this is why every bride should be armed with a bridal emergency kit that can come to your rescue.
Here's what you need to pack in your bridal emergency kit Here's what you need to pack in your bridal emergency kit
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Indian weddings are chaotic. With all the functions and relatives and family drama, every bride needs to be well prepared to handle any situation thrown at her in the midst of all of this. Our desi brides are more prone to bridal emergencies or mishaps that can turn everything upside down. You never know when a little kid might come running and spoil your outfit with their dirty hands full of spit or food or when some drunk uncle or cousin may drop some mithai or drinks on you. There's no sure-shot way of avoiding a tragedy like that on your big day but what you can do is, prepare for them. You knight in shining armour might not be able to rescue you from such a disaster so, it's best to have a bridal emergency kit in place that may save you from a tough situation. Before you start wondering what to pack in your bridal emergency kit, we suggest you call your bridesmaid and make a list.


Here are a few things that every bride should have in her bridal emergency kit.

1. Have all kinds of fashion emergency equipment in your emergency kit. Some fashion tape, safety pins, glue, sewing kit, stain removing wipes, extra bras and comfortable footwear. You never when what may go wrong. Always pack some extra back pins for your earrings as well.

2. Pack a few personal hygiene products like some tissues, perfume or deodorant, sanitary pads, band-aids, painkillers, mouth freshener, wet wipes, chewing gum and some antiseptic medicine. It's best to be prepared for any situation and you are definitely going to need some band-aids when you have to stand in a place for so long.

3. You will also need some beauty products handy in case of an emergency. Bobby pins, tweezers, lotion, hair ties, lipstick, hairspray, face mist, eyelash glue, compact, baby powder and a pocket mirror are some items that you should keep handy.  

4. You might be standing in the same place greeting guests and socialising and it's best to keep some basic things like a bottle of water, snacks, hand sanitizer, chocolates and some alcohol somewhere close by where you can access them easily.

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