How to transform your backyard space into a perfect wedding venue?

If you like to keep things simple and private then a backyard wedding is perfect for you. So, here are some tips and ideas to transform that area into your dream wedding venue.
backyard wedding decor ideasHow to transform your backyard space into a perfect wedding venue?
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Considering your backyard as a wedding venue is a good idea. Especially amid this global pandemic as you don’t need to rent any other venue which can increase risk. But if you are thinking to transform your backyard into your dream wedding venue, then put efforts to adorn it.

First, you have to plan the theme for it with the right decoration. Then, you have to plan in order to accommodate all your guests in it. There are lot of things to arrange for the best backyard wedding. So, here are some tips and ideas for it.

Tips to transform your backyard into your wedding venue:

Plan it properly

For a backyard wedding, you first need to check the entire area to see if the occasion can be arranged in the garden. It needs to have enough space. So, it is better to prepare the guest list first. Then think about the buffet. This also includes how grand you want your reception to be. Backyard wedding does save a lot of money.

Prepare it

Now, you have to think about the decoration of the backyard. If it’s happening during the summer, then it can save a lot on the décor expense.


Your theme can be anything like whimsical, vintage, rustic, bohemian, industrial, etc. You need to arrange the ornamental stuff based on the theme.


It is always advisable to rent a tent to cover the top of the garden. This will save you from extra harsh sunlight, give you privacy and opportunity for more decoration.


Without the right lighting, backyard wedding decoration won’t look appealing. And for backyard wedding decoration, it is best to use fairy lights through the ceiling of the tent and wrap them around trees. You can also hang Chinese lanterns on trees and put candles on tables.

Rent tables and chairs

It is also recommended renting the chairs and tables. The vendor will bring and arrange it.


When you are doing a backyard wedding, then you have the freedom to personalise it with your stuff. You can hang your family photos all around the trees. So, always add your personal touch and be creative.

Divide space

While doing the arrangements, you should divide the entire space into different sections- one for the wedding ceremony, another for the reception and the other for lunch or dinner.

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