Indian Wedding: Avoid THESE wedding planning mistakes

Updated on Feb 29, 2020 04:38 PM IST  |  1M
Indian Wedding: Avoid THESE wedding planning mistakes
Indian Wedding: Avoid THESE wedding planning mistakes

Desi weddings are elaborate with a number of rituals and functions which means a lot of planning and not all of us can afford to invest in a wedding planner to take the stress off our shoulders. Some of us run on a budget and have to work with it to make our big day special. Planning your wedding can be a lot of trouble and drama but even with the best planning things often go haywire. Not paying attention to your wedding planning can disrupt your wedding and all the functions. But some brides manage to work their way through all this trouble and plan the perfect wedding without any drama or last-minute mess-ups. This can be done only if you plan the perfect wedding without making any wedding planning mistakes and the best way to do it is to avoid some of the most common wedding planning mistakes that most people make when planning such a big event.


Here are some wedding planning mistakes to avoid.


1. Most people send out loads of invited but forget to get an RSVP and get a rough headcount of the number of guests who will be able to attend the wedding. This can help you pick the right venue and deal with your caterers.


2. Most of us forget to keep some buffer time and relaxation time in between our festivals. Indian weddings have a lot of functions and events which can be very tiring and every couple and all the guests need some rest and a little break to freshen up in the midst of all the chaos.


3. Wedding functions often get delayed and not planning the right time to open the buffet can lead to a lot of embarrassment. You don't want your guests to leave without eating and it's best to plan ahead.


4. Indian weddings are usually very large which means we have a huge wedding venue and most brides and grooms fail to familiarise themselves with the venue and end up getting lost in the venue.


5. It's always good to keep a small budget for miscellaneous expense for the last minute extra expenses that may pop up. Most couples forget to do that when planning their wedding which often takes their wedding budget for a toss.


6. All your vendors play an important role in the wedding. From the florist to the caterer, it's best to stay in touch with them and plan out everything and keep tabs on them and get updates on your wedding planning.


7. Not taking the weather into consideration while planning your wedding. Most couples forget all about the weather conditions of their wedding locations. From your clothes to the food menu, everything is affected by the weather and it's best to keep that in mind when planning your wedding because you don't want to serve hot coffee during the scorching heat. 



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