Indian Weddings: 6 types of guests you meet at every Punjabi Wedding

Every desi wedding has loads of guests and many that we don't even recognise but there are a few common characters that you meet at every wedding and they make everything a little more fun and entertaining.
Indian Weddings: 6 types of guests you meet at every Punjabi Wedding
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We've all heard about the big fat Indian wedding and we absolutely love them. But what we love more than these desi wedding are the big fat Punjabi weddings. They're loud and they're fun and the icing on the cake is the free flow of daru. We all know how much Punjabi's like to celebrate with good food, music and alcohol. Punjabi weddings are not just a magical occasion where two families unite along with the couple, it's also the place where you get to meet many different kinds of people.

You get to make a lot of memories in these fun Indian weddings but there's also a lot of chaos and drama especially because of all the people involved and we all know how much our relatives love the drama. But there are a few things that are common at every desi wedding and that is the key characters that you meet at every Punjabi wedding. Other than a cousin named Honey and Monty, there are some common characters that you will always find in a desi Indian wedding.

Here are 6 types of guests that you will meet at every Punjabi wedding.

1. We all have that one odd chacha ji or mama ji who loves his drinks. You'll find him drinking as soon as the bar opens and he'll be the last man standing on the dance floor. He does add some fun to your wedding by drinking and dancing away the night.

2. Every Indian wedding has a food critic who starts off with complaining about the food and starts rating it. It seems like they're only there to review the food and not to attend the wedding.

3. All the unmarried people are only scared of that one odd matchmaker aunty or uncle whose sole aim is to look for single people and question their marital status and ask them when they plan on getting married and if that's not enough they might even suggest a rishta or two to your parents. Brace yourself to be teased about being next in line, especially if a piece of the kalire lands in your lap.

4. Gatecrashers are only there for food but you cannot avoid gatecrashers at a desi wedding. You might have tight security but you'll always find those few who managed to sneak in.

5. Surprisingly, every groom is blessed with a few saali's who will do their best to hide their shows and tease their jiju till they get some shagun ke paise!

6. Every Punjabi wedding has a group of friends and cousins who start drinking in the parking lot where there's a gaddi full of drinks and you'll find them making little trips to the parking lot for their peg. 

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