21 Marriage Counseling Questions You Must Ask Your Partner

Get the help you need in your marriage with these thought-provoking marriage counseling questions for couples. Identify areas of improvement for a positive and happier relationship.

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Marriage counseling questions
Marriage counseling questions

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Marriage counseling is valuable for couples who wish to improve their relationship and address any challenges they may be facing. The goal of a marriage counseling session is to boost understanding, promote effective communication, and deepen the connection between you and your partner. Here, asking the correct marriage counseling questions can help you explore your and your partner's thoughts, feelings, expectations, challenges, and aspirations within your relationship.

These marital counseling questions aim to encourage couples to reflect on various aspects of their relationship, gain deeper insight into themselves and their partner, and identify areas for improvement to enhance their connection and resolve conflicts. So, by asking these couple therapy questions, you can foster open communication and promote understanding between you and your spouse. Read on.

21 Marriage Counseling Questions That Couples Should Ask Each Other to Strengthen Their Relationship

Questions to ask during marriage counseling cover a wide range of topics, including communication, conflict resolution, emotional needs, intimacy, goals, past issues, trust, shared responsibilities, and individual growth. By discussing these topics, you can gain a better understanding of each other's perspectives, needs, and desires. This, in turn, leads to increased empathy, better problem-solving, and strengthened emotional bonds within your marriage.

Marriage counseling questions

1. What attracted you to me initially, and do you still feel the same way?

This marriage counseling question encourages couples to reflect on the early days of their relationship and assess if those initial attractions and feelings are still present. It helps measure the foundation of your connection and spark.

2. How do you feel our communication can be improved?

Open and effective communication is vital in a healthy relationship. This marriage counseling question allows couples to discuss their communication styles and identify areas for improvement. It also allows you to explore strategies to enhance your ability to connect and understand each other.

3. Are there any specific needs or desires that you feel are not being met in our relationship?

Understanding each other's needs is crucial for a healthy, fulfilling, and long-lasting marriage. By discussing unmet needs, you and your partner can work together to find ways to meet them. As such, you can foster a stronger sense of emotional satisfaction and fulfillment.

4. How do you envision our future together?

This marriage counseling question encourages couples to share their individual visions for the future of their relationship. It allows you to explore your goals, dreams, and aspirations. Once you talk, you can know for sure if both of you are aligned and on the same page moving forward.

5. How do we handle conflict and disagreements, and what improvements can we make?

Conflict resolution is a key aspect of a successful marriage. This couple's counseling question nudges spouses to evaluate their current approach to conflicts, identify patterns or areas of improvement, and develop healthier strategies for resolving disputes.


6. How do we prioritize quality time together amidst our busy lives?

Marriage counseling questions

Quality time is essential for maintaining a strong emotional connection. So, you can discuss how both of you currently prioritize your time together. Also, you get the opportunity to brainstorm ways to create meaningful moments and shared experiences within your busy schedules.

7. How do you feel loved and appreciated in our relationship?

Expressing love and appreciation is essential for relationship satisfaction. This marriage therapy question allows partners to share their love languages, enabling them to better understand and meet each other's emotional needs.

8. What are some specific things we can do to strengthen our intimacy and physical connection?

Intimacy is a vital component to keeping your romantic marriage long-lasting. So, you can openly discuss with your partner your desires, boundaries, and ways to nurture and deepen your physical connection.

9. How do you believe our relationship has evolved since we first got together?

Reflecting on the growth and evolution of the relationship helps couples appreciate the progress they have made. Moreover, it also makes you acknowledge the changes and appreciate the things both of you have experienced together.

10. How do we handle stress and support each other during challenging times?

Stress can impact even the healthiest of relationships. So, offering support to each other is crucial. You can start by exploring your current coping mechanisms. Then identify ways to be there for each other during difficult moments. This will help you foster resilience and unity between you and your partner.

11. Are there any unresolved past issues that we need to address?

Unresolved issues and past hurts can erode the foundation of marital life. So, this marriage counseling question for couples will urge them to bring up any lingering concerns or wounds. Bringing such issues to light can allow for open and honest discussions aimed at healing and forgiveness.

12. How can we better support each other's personal growth and individual goals?

Supporting personal growth and aspirations strengthens your relationship. Couples can discuss how they can actively support each other's personal endeavors to create an environment of encouragement and mutual growth.

13. How do we maintain a healthy balance between our individual lives and our life as a couple?

Marriage counseling questions


Balancing individuality and togetherness is essential for a happy marital life. With this question, you can explore how you both currently navigate this balance. Then discuss strategies to ensure that both of you feel valued and respected both as individuals and as partners.

14. How do we handle financial decisions and work towards shared financial goals?

Money can be a significant source of tension in any relationship, especially marriage. This marital counseling question will remind couples to discuss their financial values, habits, and goals, enabling them to find common ground and develop a shared approach in financial matters.

15. How can we continue to explore and cultivate shared interests and hobbies?

Shared interests and activities contribute to a stronger bond between spouses. With this couple counseling question, you get to explore ways to deepen your shared experiences and discover new hobbies or interests you can enjoy together.

16. What steps can we take to rebuild or strengthen trust if it has been compromised?

Trust is the foundation of a healthy and long married life. If trust has been broken, you can openly discuss the necessary steps to rebuild trust, such as open communication, transparency, and accountability.

17. How can we maintain a sense of romance and keep the spark alive in our relationship?

Maintaining romance helps sustain the emotional connection between partners. So, with this question, you can brainstorm ways (such as planning dates, surprising each other, or expressing affection in creative ways) to keep your relationship fresh and exciting.

18. How can we navigate the challenges posed by external influences, such as family or work?

External influences can negatively impact your relationship. This marriage counseling question will urge you both to discuss your experiences with external pressures and develop strategies to handle them as a team, maintaining a united front.

19. How can we ensure that our individual needs are met without neglecting the needs of the relationship?

Balancing individual and relationship needs is crucial for a harmonious marriage. This question prompts couples to openly communicate their needs and explore ways to meet them while maintaining a strong bond as a couple.

20. What are our shared values, and how do they shape our relationship?

Shared values create a strong foundation for a lasting and happy relationship. Couples can discuss their core values and how they influence their decisions, priorities, and the overall dynamics of their relationship.


21. How committed are we to working through challenges and growing together as a couple?

Marriage counseling questions

Commitment is paramount for the longevity of your relationship. This marriage counseling question will encourage both of you to reaffirm your dedication to the relationship, your willingness to address challenges, and your shared commitment to personal and collective growth.


Marriage counseling questions provide a framework for couples to engage in meaningful conversations, explore their relationship dynamics, and work towards a healthier and more fulfilling partnership. You can ask (or discuss) these therapy questions for couples during the dedicated quality time to ensure ongoing communication and growth within the relationship. Remember, this set of marriage counseling questionnaires only serves as a starting point for honest conversations. Feel free to ask any other question that you may have in mind and give yourselves a fresh perspective!



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What not to say in marriage counseling?
There is no such thing as couples therapy, “I do not need therapy, my partner does,” “I will only attend one session,” “Do not tell my spouse,” or “I am done, I want to end things” are a few things you should not say in marriage counseling.

How do you structure a couples therapy session?
The best way to structure a couples therapy session is to start by asking the couple (one by one) what they want to discuss. Is it communication, trust, intimacy, etc? Once you get the answers, work toward it to establish how they (as a team) can improve on it. This structure will help your clients stay focused and work on resolving one issue at a time without feeling overwhelmed.

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