Marriage Proposals: Takes cues from THESE 4 K dramas to pull off the most romantic proposals

Looking for ways to propose the love of your life? Ask your beloved to marry you the K-drama way with these marriage proposals.
Marriage Proposals: Takes cues from THESE 4 K dramas to pull off the most romantic proposals
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Are you all set to pop the question to the girl you love? Planning how to propose is everything, and when you know what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it, the nerves will subside, and you will be able to declare your love for the person of your dreams. Proposals are one the best surprise someone gets in a lifetime, so it has to be special. 

While grand gestures are great, sometimes simple and sweet proposals are all you need to impress the person you love. Plus, what’s a better representation of love than proposals? It is the act of asking someone to commit their entire life to you. So, let’s take cues from K-dramas - an industry that never fails to tell a good love story. While there are plenty of proposals to choose from, some tug at your heart like no other.

Take cues from these K-dramas to pull off the best marriage proposals.

Oh My Venus – The Scarf Proposal

Young Ho unfurls the little ball of yarn on the end of the scarf he gave Joo Eun. As it unfolds, a ring is seen dangling on a single string of yarn. As she moves to take the ring, Young Ho slides it down so that he could put the ring on her finger himself. One of the most unique and sweetest proposals! 

City Hall - The Grand Romantic Proposal 

This romantic proposal is great for someone who wants to make it extra special. As Mi Rae walks down a dimly lit road, lamp posts turn on one by one, leading her to a basket of flowers she takes home. She finds Jo Gook in the middle of her front yard. As he flips the switch, the trees lit up, and she sees a candle-lit table where he asks her to dance with her and ask her to marry her. Isn’t that swoon-worthy?

My Love From The Star - The Sweet Video Proposal 

If you can’t wait for your boyfriend to make the first move or you’re too nervous to say it in person, then this one is for you. The proposal video shown in the end credits of this show is super adorable, funny and sweet. Cheon Song-Yi sends Do Min-Joon a video of her dancing to “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. As the song comes to an end, she gets down on her knees to ask him to marry her.

The King 2 Hearts - The Classic Proposal 

Well, it might be difficult to find the perfect setting like this one with cherry blossom petals flying in the air as Jae-ha goes down on his knees to ask Kim Han-ah to be his “royal queen.” But you can always arrange for such a setting if you’re willing to spend some extra bucks on the proposal.

Tell us which K-drama marriage proposal is your favourite in the comments section below. 

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