Naughty bachelorette party ideas to thrill a Leo bride

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Naughty bachelorette party ideas to thrill a Leo bride
Naughty bachelorette party ideas to thrill a Leo bride

If you’re tasked with planning the bachelorette party before your best friend’s wedding, then you’re probably looking at intriguing themes to thrill her. Well, if the bride just happens to be a Leo born between July 23 and August 22, then she probably is a lively, fun and loyal person who thrives when she’s in the spotlight. Today, we suggest some perfectly naughty bachelorette party ideas to pamper people born under the star sign Leo.

  1. Get her kinky confections

These are all the rage of late when bakers whip up kinky confections right from cupcakes topped with naughty elements like puckered lips or a candy penis. You may also opt for a cake that is shaped to an erotic form. The cutting ceremony can be spicy when you plan such mischief for the bride-to-be.

bachelorette party cake

  1. Play naughty Jenga

Jenga is usually played by stacking wooden blocks atop each other. But you can make this game more fun with a naughty variant that has kinky dares stamped on each of the blocks. The minuscule log that ends up being the one dropped will carry the task that the lady must execute.

bachelorette party jenga

  1. Ex-boyfriend Charades

This is a game that can be a lot of fun if your closest friends are attending the party. It entails a game of dumb charades with the girls must mimic any of the bride's ex-boyfriends. The others must guess which one it is!

  1. Play some drinking games

Provided that all the ladies at the event are social drinkers, you can have drinking games like 'Never Have I Ever' with a boozy twist. The questions can be fun ones such as ‘Never have I ever’ made out with a woman, or ‘Never have I ever’ had a crush. Open up with dark secrets to get to know each other better.

Planning an event with such games will ensure that the Leo bride has a gala time at her bachelorette bash!

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