Picking your bridal lehenga? THESE fabrics work best for your wedding outfit

If you don't understand fabrics and end up getting confused with your bridal lehenga fabric, some quick options can make it easier to pick the one that suits you best.
Picking your bridal lehenga? THESE fabrics work best for your wedding outfit
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Your wedding outfit is always going to be a special outfit for you. It's that one outfit that you are always going to love because it's a memory of a lifetime and it means a lot. You'll be clicking loads of pictures that you have to cherish for the rest of your life and there is no scope for any errors when it comes to your bridal outfit. Whatever you wear has to be absolutely perfect for your special moment. But choosing the right lehenga can be tough especially with all the kinds of choices and options you have to pick from. Not all of us are savvy with the kind of fabrics and embroideries and other such things that are in trend and the right quality is not easy to pick. For the right outfit, we first need the right fabric and with no knowledge about fabrics that can be tough.

Here are some fabric options that can make things easier for you

1. Georgette or Chiffon

Georgette and chiffon are soft but graceful fabric when it comes to lehengas. They fall beautifully and look stunning because of the quality of the fabric. This thin fabric has an amazing texture but be careful to pick a good quality fabric that lasts longer. Also, it is very lightweight and durable if you take good care of it.

2. Silk

There is a variety of types in the silk fabric that you can pick. Silk tends to look very elegant and if you want to go full traditional with your silk lehenga you can pick something in art silk or raw silk. This fabric makes the embroidery look rich and heavier. You can pick organza if you want a smooth finish to your lehenga and if you want to go all classic, you can pick a brocade or Benarasi lehenga which look classy as always.

3. Net

Net is one of the most popular kinds of fabric when it comes to lehengas. But be very careful with the kind of net you pick because one wrong move can make your lehenga go from trendy to tacky. The fabric you pick for the lining also has to be chosen carefully because it really matters. Ensure that you pick a light and soft net and a good quality lining.


4. Velvet

Velvet tends to look very royal after all the work and embroidery that is done on it. If you're a winter bride this fabric is simply perfect for your bridal outfit because it is thick and will keep you warm and comfortable during this chilly weather. Another add on is that with such a rich fabric you can go lighter on the embroidery and it'll still look very royal and save you some bucks as well!

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