Planning a wedding after party? Here’s how you can do it in STYLE

Don’t want the celebrations to end? Plan a fun wedding after party to keep the party alive all night long!
Planning a wedding after party? Here’s how you can do it in STYLE
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Indians are no stranger to days long wedding but what makes this long and arduous event bearable is how incredibly fun they are! Weddings are a celebration of love and togetherness which is multiplied by good food, booze, dressing up and peppy music. Traditional wedding ceremonies are often strictly monitored by family elders and parents, and it is almost impossible to stray away from traditions. So what does one do to loosen up themselves and the young guests? Throw a wedding after party, that’s what! A wedding after party is a great way for younger guests to come together, have fun and hit it off with each other without having to worry about any adult supervision. Here are some super fun and super cool wedding after party ideas to make the day memorable for every attendee!

1. Organise a karaoke night

Hardly nothing beats the delight of belting out your favourite songs at the top of your voice with your friends and family! Accompanied with free flowing booze and a general air of good feeling, your guest will have a gala time at a post-wedding karaoke night. You can also set up friendly competitions between groups to double the fun!

2. A carb overdose fest

Wedding feasts are delicious and filling, but let’s face it, nothing beats greasy fries, pizzas, burgers and nachos! If you couldn’t eat to your heart’s content at the wedding, the carb overdose fest is a great way to indulge in these gooey treats without feeling guilty. You can also set up food stations where guests can make their own pizzas or tacos!

3. Make it a spa night

Weddings can be extremely exhausting - especially for the newly weds and the wedding party. A spa night is the perfect way to unwind, relax and connect with your loved ones. Top it up with complimentary detox drinks for the ultimate experience!

4. Head to a nightclub

Continue the fun of the wedding late into the night by heading to a nightclub. Reserve an area of the nightclub beforehand so you don’t have to struggle to get entry into your favorite spot. The peppy music, funky dance moves and shots of liquor will keep the wedding party on their toes all night long!

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