Planning a wedding? Here’s what your guests are ACTUALLY looking forward to

Your wedding might be attended by some of your closest friends and family, but don’t assume that they are here just for you! Find out what exactly it is that your wedding guests are looking forward to.
Planning a wedding? Here’s what your guests are ACTUALLY looking forward to
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Ideally your wedding should be about you and your partner, but that is hardly ever the case! A couple that is heavily invested in planning their wedding find the perfect way to reflect their taste, style and personality. Although that’s well and good, there are going to be a whole bunch of other people who will be at the wedding. Since your guests have travelled, spent money and work leaves to attend your big day, it is also your duty to make sure that they get to enjoy the best of comfort and fun at your wedding. While it is impossible to make  all your guests happy, here are a few wedding details that you can work on which will make your guests actually look forward to your wedding. Remember that a happy wedding party also means that the day will be easy-breezy for the couple too!

The food

This should come as no surprise. Most of us love attending weddings because we know that the food will be delicious and plentiful. Next to the couple, the food is often the highlight of the wedding. Since you will be spending a good amount of money on food, make sure you get your money’s worth. Whether you choose to serve your wedding meal plated, buffet-style or family-style is your call, as long as the food is delicious and abundant!

The bar

Yes, another obvious thing that your guests are looking forward too. Free booze appeals to a lot of wedding guests and they consider it to be essential at a wedding party. If you are willing to spend too much on booze (alcohol is expensive), limit the intake to a beer and a cocktail for every guest. A complimentary flute of champagne works great too!

The decor

Weddings are a lot about aesthetic these days because let's face it, if you dress up to the T and get no good photos, what was even the point of dressing up? An aesthetic decor not only looks pleasing to the eyes but is also a great way for the guests to be involved in the celebrations. If your guests like the decor enough to get photos clicked, your wedding is bound to become a social media hit!

The music

No wedding is complete without some peppy beats and reckless dancing! A wedding is all about fun and celebration so make sure that the playlist is on point. Good music can double the fun and your guests will remember the party for years to come!

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