Planning your wedding? Here are some post wedding rituals you SHOULD know about

Wedding Ceremony Rituals: Wondering what happens right after the wedding? That's not the end of festivities because there are numerous ceremonies that the ladkewale have to welcome the new bride into their home.
Planning your wedding? Here are some post wedding rituals you SHOULD know aboutPlanning your wedding? Here are some post wedding rituals you SHOULD know about
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A Hindu marriage is sacred and is celebrated with much pomp and splendour. It includes a number of ceremonies and rituals that make it a fun week-long event and a memory to cherish for everyone included. A Hindu wedding is all about the couple and the families involved. This beginning of a new bond and numerous new relationships is celebrated with lots of love and sincerity. There are a number of pre and post-wedding rituals that most of us don't really know about but if you're feeling curious and inquisitive, you might want to do some research.

This milestone of a couple's life is marked with traditional rituals that make it a beautiful ceremony. Other than the pre-wedding rituals like the engagement and sangeet and mehndi and haldi, there are many rituals that are important post the wedding as well.

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Here are the basic post-wedding ceremony rituals that we all need to know about

1. Vidaai

Right after the main wedding ceremony, the bride is sent off to her new home with her husband. This going-away ceremony of the bride is a teary event where her family expresses their sadness and happiness about their daughter's new life.

Though every state has different rituals in most cases the bride throws 5 handfuls or rice behind as she walks away from her family.

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2. Griha Pravesh

This is the traditional welcome of a bride where her new family welcomes her into the new home. The mother in law does a small aarti (worship) of the daughter in law and the son and then the bride is asked to tilt a pot of rice with her foot. This ceremony too differs from state to state. Some also have a tradition where the bride has to dip her feet in alta (a red dye mixture) and then step into the house and leave footprints behind. 

This is considered auspicious as it is believed the Goddess Lakshmi has walked into the home with prosperity. It also signifies that a new member has been welcomed into the family with love and respect.

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3. Mooh Dikhai

As soon as the bride comes home all the members of the family, especially the mother in law unveils the bride and give her gifts followed by all other elderly females of the family. This is another gesture of welcome for the bride.

4. Reception

The reception is a ceremony held post the wedding where the newly wedded couple is introduced to the community as a couple officially. There are no rituals as such but this is when people come and bless the new couple and give them gifts.

5. Pag Phera

This is a ceremony where the bride comes home for a few days right after her wedding as she is considered to be a form of goddess Lakshmi and she comes back to ensure the prosperity of her maternal home as well.

After a few days, the husband comes to take her back with some of his brothers or cousins. 

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