Popular styles & shapes of Diamonds to explore before choosing an engagement ring

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Shapes of Diamonds to explore before choosing an engagement ring
Popular styles & shapes of Diamonds to explore before choosing an engagement ring

Gone are the days when princess cut or the cushion cut diamonds were your only options when choosing an engagement ring. Today, the market is rife with a wide array of precious gems styled and cut beautifully for these rings. Right from a pleasing amethyst to a brilliant emerald, you could opt for a variety of precious gems. But if your heart is set on diamonds, then we bring you the most popular styles and cut of diamonds that you can choose to adorn your finger.

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Diamonds in a cluster setting 

Everyone covets a grand proposal with a massive rock. While this notion is extremely romantic, it isn’t very realistic. This is mainly because a large solitaire may not be something that fits everyone’s budget. However, diamonds in a cluster setting help fulfil your fantasy for what can appear to be a huge rock. Jewelers tightly set a large cluster of diamonds together to give the illusion of a larger stone. This is an inexpensive solution if you wish to avoid splurging on a massive diamond. This can be a wonderful way to get the ring of your dreams, as the cluster can form any shape you imagine. 

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A Pear Cut

Call it pear cut or the teardrop, this cut combines two styles of diamonds, namely the oval cut and the marquise. The epitome of elegance, this is a coveted cut that is preferred by brides who want to sport a stone of an impressive size. This is because when you glance at the pear cut from the top, the stones look bigger than they actually are.

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The Emerald Cut

An understated, yet unique choice, the emerald cut is noted by its rectangular style with cropped corners. Its angular style generally complements women or men with longer fingers. A beautifully designed cut, the emerald tends to reflect light beautifully in a way that enhances the stone’s clarity. So if you seek something classy over something flashy, then this one may be for you.

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Ultimately, when making your choice, you must consider the type of stone you feel comfortable sporting every day. Be it a more modern cut or a vintage diamond, the sky is the limit when it comes to options you can explore for your engagement ring!

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