Red flags to watch out for when meeting a prospective bride for arranged marriage

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Red flags to watch out for when meeting a prospective bride for arranged marriage

When you meet a girl who you hope to marry, the last thought on your mind would be whether the stunning creature before you could ever break up your household. Nonetheless, should you have a choice, you must ensure that your prospective bride is a kind-hearted soul graced with an attitude that matches your own, rendering the two of you compatible. However, right from disrespecting your family to exhibiting manipulative behavior, there are many red flags that you might notice. Hence, we reveal of the warning signs you must watch out for early on in a prospective bride, that may not bode well for a healthy marriage.

  1. She wants to rush the wedding

Even if your families may have known each other, it is natural for the couple to get to know each other in the engagement period. While this period usually ranges anywhere from 6 months to a year or longer; you must beware of people who wish to rush the wedding. If they want to lock you down in a marriage in a week or two, on very short notice then they might be secretive of the real reason they wish to marry.

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  1. She makes you choose between her and your family or friends

Anyone who will be a part of your life will also share a healthy relationship with your parents and your friends. If she resents the time you spend with your family and your friends, then there is cause for concern. Such a person could drive a wedge between you and your family; hence this is a red flag.

  1. She verbally abuses you during an argument

Wedding planning can be quite stressful. Hence, you may find yourself arguing with your prospective bride. However, if she tends to lose her cool on seemingly trivial matters and goes so far as calling you names or verbal abuse, then you must reconsider plans to marry her.

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  1. She asks for your email and social media passwords

Trust is an important part of marriage, and while you may not know each other well, snooping through your phone isn’t healthy for your union. It is often one’s own fear or insecurity that people tend to project onto others. So, if she seeks to violate your privacy, then it could be a red flag.

If you notice your prospective wife exhibiting any of the aforementioned tendencies, then it may be time to have a conversation with her about building a healthy relationship based on mutual respect and trust.

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10 hours ago
Arrange marriage and not a love marriage.. the bride to be initiates a conversation so that the groom to be will tell i love you to her ..the girl ask for question what do 143 mean..the groom to be replied. I love you..then the girl replied i love you too..isnt it disgusting that the girl shows more interest than the man..for arrange marriage isnt it embarrassing that the woman is the first to show motive or interst to the man?