Taurus, Leo, Virgo: Here is the celebrity wedding you need to take inspiration from based on your zodiac sign

Weddings are a big deal since it is the beginning of a new life with your loved one. The wedding day is one of the most special days. To celebrate this, take a look at the celeb wedding belonging to your zodiac sign to get inspired!
Weddings,wedding,horoscope,zodiac signTaurus, Leo, Virgo: Here is the celebrity wedding you need to take inspiration from based on your zodiac sign
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Weddings are one of the biggest festivities in any household. A lot of things go into the planning of it - from the catering to decor and of course alcohol. And let's not get started on the wedding outfits and destination and location! We all have an image of a wedding in mind but how to go about planning it and where to take inspiration from? Take a look below!

Taurus - Anushka Sharma

Your style is more intimate and rustic - take cue from Anushka Sharma! Grand chateaus, vineyards, warmth and loads of neutral and pastel tones with earthy colours are your go-to! And you don't want to be the usual bride and groom! Anushka and Virat twinned in lighter colours rather than opting for the usual red for their wedding, creating a new trend! Sharma's ceremony is the perfect example of everything you want in your wedding. 

Gemini - Sonam K Ahuja

We understand how difficult it is for you to decide on since you have so many interests and pursuits. Take inspiration from Sonam - make it  amix of traditional with pheras and cosmopolitan vibe - whatever it is, your exquisite taste will make it worth attending!

Cancer - Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Let your wedding be the event that everybody talks about! This multi-event and probably city/country celebration is perfect for you to celebrate your biggest day in grandeur with your nearest people. 

Leo - Saif Ali Khan

Get married like the royal that you were born to be. You love the spotlight and all the drama that follows. Take inspiration from Saif Ali Khan, marry your loved one in a grand ceremony be it in the palaces of Rajasthan or in the City of Love - Paris! 

Virgo - Neha Dhupia

Your conservative nature needs calmness and beauty all around. Think twinkly lights, exuberant fabrics, chandelier and loads of metallics for your theme. A private and quiet ceremony in nature held with your loved ones is what you desire.

Libra - Hema Malini

You love all things rich and exquisite with a menu meant for kings and out of the world decor. It is going to be a bridal magazine come to life with all the emotion and drama that will also be involved!

Scorpio - Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

You need to meticulously plan everything by yourself so you might as well take inspiration from one of the biggest weddings of all time. You require a large dinner with everybody you know in attendance, to announce to the whole world in the most outlandish way possible. 

Sagittarius - John Abraham

You are driven by wanderlust so ensure that you wedding is in an exotic destination, much like John Abraham's. For your colour palette, think pretty pastel shades like lanvenders and plum colours that are sure to look great in the pictures and have you fawning over them as well!

Capricorn - Deepika Padukone

Your style is all things classic and vintage. Old fashioned decor, much like Deepika's will suit your palette the best. Make sure you don't forget to invite all the people who have left an impact on your life for you are sappy like that!

Aquarius - Preity Zinta

You aren't one to confine to the norms. You like things your way and your way is customised. You don't need inspiration for your wedding because you have it all intricately planned out in your head and are perfectly capable of executing it as well!

Pisces - Shahid Kapoor

Your taste is more romantic and artistic, much like Shahid Kapoor's. You are fond of pastels and blue shades, so we let your grand wedding overlook a lake or waterbody. Your wedding will be all about privacy, beauty and one-ness. 

Aries - Rani Mukerji

When it comes to weddings, you'll find a way to make it unique no matter what, be it skipping the lehenga, calling nobody, or even eloping or getting married in secret! When it comes to the destination, it is going to be something memorable - inside a museum, at a ranch or even in the middle of nowhere!


Feeling inspired yet? Which of the weddings do you think was the most epic? Comment below and let us know! 

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