Things to ask a girl in the first meeting for an arranged marriage

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Things to ask a girl in the first meeting for an arranged marriage

Meeting a prospective bride for an arranged marriage can feel awkward if you have both of your families monitoring the meeting, However, marriage is one of the biggest events in your life. So, you must make sure to steal away a few moments together to have an open conversation with the girl during your first meeting. Therefore, we list some of key aspects you should discuss with your prospective spouse for the sake of a healthy marriage.

Probe her about her career aspirations

While most men and women are ambitious today, this is a great time to ask your future wife where she sees her career going. Whether or not she is considering studying further, taking up a job in a foreign land or even a different city are important considerations for the two of you. You must share plans for your career at the same time.

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Ask her about any ailment she may suffer from

As matrimony ensures that you’re together in sickness and in health, it would be wise to probe about her medical history. You may also take the chance to reveal any ailments you may suffer from. You must especially reveal any conditions like diabetes, male pattern baldness or high blood pressure that may also impact your kids in future. Make sure your questions are polite and not intrusive as the last thing you want to do is to make your would-be-wife uncomfortable.

Ask her about her views on religion

At times, you may be considering getting married to someone from a different faith. Hence discussing their approach to religion can help you decide how to raise kids and which religion to introduce them to. On the other hand, if the girl’s family is from same faith, then ask her about her views on religion. This is because not everyone prays the same way. While some visit the temple frequently, others prefer praying at home. Then there are those who do not subscribe to notions of religion but simply believe in a higher power.

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Probing your partner about this at the start is a great way to avoid future conflict. We hope you discuss these aspects as they are crucial to pave the way to a successful marriage!

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