Want to jazz up your wedding menu? Follow these tips to choose the right food menu for your big day

Updated on Jul 24, 2020 11:37 AM IST  |  744K
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Want to jazz up your wedding menu? Follow these tips to choose the right food menu for your big day

Gone are the days of pasta and pizza stations at Indian weddings. The millennial couples are going for regional or International cuisines at their weddings. From pre-wedding functions to the big day, everything today is about blending the traditional with the trendy. And without a doubt, your guests will be looking forward to the menu as well. 

After dancing and having loads of fun, guests and family need awesome food to be able to dance and enjoy even more. Food at an Indian wedding is also a hot topic among guests, who judge how great the wedding was based on the food. We don’t like it, but that’s how it is at most Indian weddings. So, deciding your Indian wedding menu can be tricky, which is why we have made this list to make sure you take a good decision. 

Here's how you can choose the right food menu for your wedding. 

1- The first and most important thing is the budget. From the serving style to appetizers, everything will affect the overall cost. So, make sure you have a proper budget plan to avoid embarrassments at a later stage. 

2- Get the best caterer on board. Make sure you book them as early as possible. Some venues might not allow to bring in your own chef or charge you extra for the same. Make sure you have everything sorted before going ahead with your plans. 

3- Whether you are inviting 50 people or waiting to have a big fat Indian wedding, decide your menu keeping in mind the number of guests. 

4- Though most venues might give you an idea of the food options, but in case they don’t, ask for it. It is important to find out the food options provided by the venue. From Indian food to foreign delicacies, they might have different food options you might not be aware of. 

5- Plan your food menu according to all the wedding events you are going to have. Also, don’t forget to decide the style in which you want the food to be served. This will also help you narrow down the cost. 

6- You might want to add some special diet items on the menu for your closed ones like your grandparents. Consider if you have more vegetarians or non-vegetarians in your house, depending on which you should decide the menu. It can be an amalgam of both, just make sure it is labelled properly. 

7- In case you are going for a season theme, make sure to add some seasonal food items in the menu. From salads and soups to desserts and sides, be versatile and choose what you like. Decide on a menu and stick to it. You can also choose a theme of your choice. 


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