Wedding Gift Ideas: Here’s what you can gift the bride to make it memorable

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Wedding Gift Ideas: Here’s what you can gift the bride to make it memorable

Are you excited about your best friend’s wedding? We bet you can’t keep calm. In all the excitement, you should not forget her wedding gift. And don’t treat it as a formality. It should be a meaningful present to a friend who means a lot to you. You can gift her the same old coffee blender or lamps, but there is nothing personal about those gifts. Plus, the newlywed couple’s house will be flooded with such gifts. 

If you want to gift your best friend something special on the biggest day of her life, then you have landed on the absolute right page. There are several meaningful gift ideas to make your best friend feel extra special on her D-day, but today we are sharing with 6 ideas to make the day even more memorable. 

6 Memorable gift ideas to gift the bride on her wedding day. 

1- There is no such thing as “too many shoes.”  We are guessing you already know her show size since you are best friends, but in case you don’t, ask. From a pair of comfy slip on to chic heels, you can take your pick. 

2- If you have the budget, gift her some jewellery. Trendy diamond pendants, earing or custom engraved jewellery, you can choose, keeping in mind the bride’s style. 

3- Who doesn’t love a relaxing spa day? After nonstop wedding festivities, a good spa session can help not only the bride but the groom as well. Book a luxury spa to make the couple relax. 

4- From pillows to watches to mugs to wood cutting board, there are plenty of personalised gift ideas. Plus, personalised gifts always give a thoughtful vibe that makes the person receiving the gift loved. 

5- Does the bride love reading? Or makeup? Or cooking? Or some sports? If the bride has a hobby that she loves then plan a gift keeping in mind her taste. For instance, if she loves books, you can give the hardcover copies of her favourite books. 

6- You can gift her a keepsake box for her most prized possessions. Not only is it practical and useful, but very thoughtful. You can also place some photographs with childhood memories in it, souvenirs you both collected and what not! 

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