Wedding gift ideas: THESE are the unique gifts that will delight every newly wed couple

Running out of ideas about what to gift the newly-weds? The world of customised gifts have just opened up and you are bound to find the perfect gift here.
Wedding gift ideas: THESE are the unique gifts that will delight every newly wed coupleWedding gift ideas: THESE are the unique gifts that will delight every newly wed couple
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Wedding gifts do not have to be drab and boring. Gone are the days when guests could get away with gift voucher, dinner sets and bed sheets. Today, thanks to the global marketplace, wedding gift options are endless. Since the couple goes all the way to ensure that the wedding party if fun and unique, it is your duty as a guest to return the same sentiment.

The couple will never explicitly say it, but a unique gift is more likely to set you apart from the rest and really convey your well wishes for the couple. Gifting something unique also ensures that the couple will actually treasure the said gift and is less likely to recycle the gift at another wedding!

Here are a few examples of what a great wedding gift looks like.

1. An instant camera

Every wedding is followed by a honeymoon and clicking photos of every moment is a must on this romantic vacation. While digital and phone cameras are really handy, there’s something unique about photo prints. An instant camera will allow the camera to click photos of really special moments of the honeymoon!

2. A wedding wine box

This is a pricier gift which you might want to reserve for your closest friends. The wedding wine box will basically contain a bottle of the Mr and Mrs favourite wines! This gift will last for almost a year and the couple will be thanking you for months to come.

3. Membership cards

If you don’t know the couple too well or if you are running low on time, membership cards should be the gift of your choice. Buy them an annual membership to a museum, adventure park or even a restaurant! It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

4. Embroidered linens

This is a step ahead of regular linens. Buy a some elegant linens and get them to a seamstress. You can embroider the initials of the couple and their wedding date to make the gifts truly personalised!

5. A picnic basket

A picnic basket is a great gift for a couple that loves to go out on the weekends. Fill the basket with jars of jams, packets of pasta, a bottle of wine and boxes of chocolates. They will remember you fondly while spending time together on a lazy weekend.


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My husband gave me a Dreamlines sketch of my wedding gown, bouquet and heels. It was such an amazing present.

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