Wedding: Going to be a bridesmaid soon? THESE are some vital tips you should keep in mind

Wedding is the most special day of every girl's life. If your BFF is getting married soon, then read below to find out some bridesmaid tips that you should keep in mind.
Wedding: Going to be a bridesmaid soon? THESE are some vital tips you should keep in mindWedding: Going to be a bridesmaid soon? THESE are some vital tips you should keep in mind
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When we speak about friendship, some friends have seen it all. Right from your first date to your first heartbreak, they know everything about your life and have been a witness to some major achievements of your life. Be it getting a first job to going on a first international trip with them, you have seen it all. And now, if you are someone whose BFF is going to tie the knot soon, then we are sure you are all set to become a bridesmaid. 


As exciting as it sounds, being a bridesmaid to your best friend is a dream come true for every girl. You not only get to help your BFF design her dream wedding but also get it to be a part of her journey throughout. All this sounds too good, but just like any other position, a position of a bridesmaid comes with too many responsibilities. Dealing with the frantic moms and bridezillas and doing everything to make sure your friend is happy takes a lot of work. 


Here are some tips that every bridesmaid should know. 


Be honest with your friend when it comes to money:


As a bridesmaid, your friend will expect you to throw a lavish bachelorette party for her or maybe buy her an expensive wedding shower present. But as a bridesmaid, you should be honest about your budget. If you tell your friend and another bridesmaid in advance, then you all can work it out and have fun on a budget. 


Try to get along with other bridesmaids:


Don’t complain about your fellow bridesmaids to the bride. She picked each of you for a reason. It’s stressful to hear about how much one person you love hates someone else you love. So, instead, try to work things out, since your main goal is to keep the bride happy. 


Talk to the bride:


Wedding is a big day, and everyone wishes to have a perfect wedding that they've been dreaming about from their childhood. So, it's always better to call the bride and ask how is she doing emotionally. A lot of times she doesn’t want to bother people because they are already doing so much, but sometimes brides need to open up about the joys, fears and anxieties that they have about their big day. 


Comfort her with food and drinks:


Wedding is a huge day. And it's your responsibility to keep the bride happy by carrying some snacks with you. You never what she might feel like eating or drinking while getting dressed. Some comfort food will not only make her less stressed, but will also make her happy. 


Be responsible for your work:


As a bridesmaid, you'll be expected to take some serious responsibilities. So, make sure to keep yourself in check and carry a notepad, so that you don't forget to do any major work assigned to you. 




Being a bridesmaid can be a task at times, but if you don't enjoy, you'll hurt your friend indirectly. So, keep your differences with others aside, and be there for your friend throughout her wedding. 

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