Wedding: HERE are some pre wedding rituals that you should know about

Indian weddings are more than dance, outfits and glam. It's more about the rituals that come before and after that. Read below to find out more about such pre-wedding rituals.
Wedding: HERE are some pre wedding rituals that you should know aboutWedding: HERE are some pre wedding rituals that you should know about
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Wedding season is almost here, so ladies it's time to hit the gym to lose the Diwali weight. Wedding is the special day in the life of the bride and the groom, but more than that, it's also a special day for others since we get to look our best by wearing our favourite Indian attires. We not only try to be experimental with our outfits but also try to take inspiration from our favourite Bollywood stars. 


But when it comes to the wedding, it's way more than the wedding shenanigans, decor, outfits, glamour and more. Wedding is also about the rituals that everyone looks forward to. If you have no clue what we are talking about, then here is a list of pre-wedding rituals that you should know about. These rituals play a key role in the wedding and each ritual has its significance. 


Hindu pre-wedding rituals: 


Even if there are vivid types of wedding in India, there are some Indian wedding traditions and customs that are common to all. 




It is the most essential step of any wedding. A few days before the wedding, the bride's father or her brother applies tilak on the groom's forehead by acknowledging the bond. After this tilak, the other wedding preparations officially begin. 


Ganesh Pooja:


No Hindu wedding is complete without Ganesha pooja. Just before the wedding day, the bride and groom, along with the families offer prayers to Lord Ganesh. They pray that the wedding rituals happen without any bad omen and also pray for the soon-to-be-married couple's new beginning. 




All the wedding shenanigans happen at this function. All you need to do is shake a leg, dance and sing along with the best music. This event is also known as sangeet and it occurs day or two before the wedding. This ritual has gained immense popularity, that people who are not having a grand marriage, still manage to keep this function. 




This one is another popular function in the Hindu ceremony. A Mehendi artist draws intricate henna designs on the bride’s hands, and legs as all of her friends and family members gather for the celebration.




This ceremony plays a vital role in Hindu weddings which has its roots in ancient scriptures. Garlands are exchanged by the bride and groom on this auspicious day declaring that their wedding is secured.  


Apart from that, there are other ceremonies which commence post the garland ceremony. Pheras, followed by sindoor and mangalsutra again play a pivotal role in the ceremony.

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