Wedding Ideas: 6 reasons why you should be a winter bride

We've all heard that winter weddings are the best but not all of us know what charm they really have. This time of the year is full of weddings and if you're still unsure about a winter wedding, here are some reasons why it's a pretty awesome idea.
Wedding Ideas: 6 reasons why you should be a winter brideWedding Ideas: 6 reasons why you should be a winter bride
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Indian weddings are a fun event no matter who says what. We all love a fun wedding event that can be enjoyed! But that also means a lot of planning and hard work. A wedding needs all of your attention. From picking the perfect date to the venue to the lehenga you wear, it's all a very long and tiring process. You have to think about it all from your guests to your caterers, it can be very stressful but in all of this, the most important thing is the time and the date of your wedding.

You have to be careful when picking a date because the weather can impact your wedding. We've all seen numerous winter wedding and most people have a winter wedding but not many of us understand the reason behind it. Why have a wedding where you'll probably freeze to death? If that's what you're wondering then you need to know the true reason behind the winter wedding charm.

Here are a few reasons why you should be a winter bride

1. You can have some events outdoors during the day without having to worry about sweating and looking bad in pictures because of the heat! It's like having nature's AC with all the sunlight and the amazing outdoor venue!

2. The heat can take a toll on your makeup and no bride wants to look bad in any of her pictures of wedding functions and ceremonies. This is another reason why winter is an awesome time for a wedding. You don't have to worry about your makeup melting or coming off.

3. The food tastes even better during winters. You can find some of the best and freshest vegetables during this season and the fact is that the food even tastes a lot better. Plus you get all the winter special snacks as an add on!

4. Summertime is hard on us and drinking becomes impossible but during winters drinking is more fun because it keeps you warm and allows you to enjoy a good drink. Winter is the perfect weather to drink!

5. As a bride, it's difficult to wear what you want during a summer wedding because you have to worry about sweating and all the heavy jewellery and clothes can be hard on you during the heat but during a winter wedding you don't really have to worry about all of that. You can wear velvet and raw silk and organza without worrying about sweating during your wedding!

6. Winter season also happens to be very intimate weather. This is the perfect time to cuddle with your beau and you definitely want to find every possible excuse to cuddle with your partner after getting married and what better reason can you have other than feeling chilly!

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