Wedding Ideas: THIS is how you can add a modern touch to your traditional wedding

A wedding shouldn't be about one gender but about the couple. It should be a celebration of the union of two people instead of a celebration where the groom's side dominate the bride's side or vice versa.
Wedding Ideas: THIS is how you can add a modern touch to your traditional weddingWedding Ideas: THIS is how you can add a modern touch to your traditional wedding
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A wedding is the one occasion that marks a new beginning of your life. It's a new chapter of life that we all celebrate. This milestone of our lives is a big celebration full of all traditional ceremonies as per our rituals. We love all these rituals that bring the families together and make it more meaningful. The elaborate Indian outfits and the fun-filled events make it much fun but in today's time, we all need to change our wedding rituals because as they say, these rituals will only end up rotting if they don't change with time.

There are numerous wedding customs that are actually very sexist and it's time we change them and add a modern touch to all our desi rituals to make them perfect for our time and more realistic. If we can add a modern touch to our lives and clothes, why not add a modern touch to our rituals as well?

Here are some ways to add a modern touch to your wedding rituals

1. In a number of cultures, the parents of the bride or the bride herself wash the feet of the groom herself. This tradition seem very degrading and needs to change. It's disrespectful to have the bride's parents who are as old as the groom's parents to wash his feet or have the bride to it when it's her special day as well.

2. In many cultures, the haldi ceremony holds a special place but in many cultures, the haldi used by the groom is removed and sent to the bride's home for her use. We cannot comment on the sexism of this tradition but it surely is unhygienic and needs to change.

3. Ideally, Sangeet is an event for women where men are not allowed. But in today's time, why should the men be excluded? Make your wedding a modern event by making it a big event with families from both sides.

4. In some cultures, the groom walks away from the mandap right before the wedding rituals start and rethinks his decision while the bride's family tries to request and convince him to come back and get married. While this remains just a normal fun ceremony, it does seem wrong to have the parents of the bride request the groom to marry their daughter.

5. Right after the wedding, there is a ceremony of sending off the bride. Why should the bride have a tearful send-off? She's still a part of her own family and your wedding is all about two families coming together. So, why should she be send-off when she's just moving out.

6. Right after the wedding, in a lot of cultures, the bride has to touch her husband's feet in order to gain his blessings and show respect. But why does that signify respect? Why not have the bride and the groom touch each other's feet in mutual respect as this bride did.




A few months before the wedding, when my mother told us about all the steps and beautiful ceremonies of the Indian wedding, there was one contentious point: the touching of the man’s feet at the completion of the Indian Wedding ceremony. ~ “Why is only the woman to touch the man’s feet?”, we asked. “Why not both touch each other’s feet in mutual respect?” Mom’s shocked large eyes gave away her thoughts about what people might say if Oleg was to touch my feet in return. All the anties and uncles...wouldn’t they disapprove? ~ Though Mom’s traditional Indian background did not allow her to be sure about this being a good thing, we were sure. We would both touch each other’s feet in mutual respect from woman to man, and from man to woman. From a wife to her husband, and from a husband to his wife. ~ As we also decided to adopt, out of that same mutual respect, each others surnames. As from today onwards we are Oleg Büller-Khosla and Diipa Büller-Khosla. (whether it would be Büller first or Khosla first was still a discussion, but I let him have that one:))#thebullslas #indianwedding

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7. During the reception, most couples get gifts that usually have no purpose but why not start the western practice of having a wedding gift registry wherein people can pick out things that you need and get you those gifts!

8. When the baarat arrives, there is milni ceremony where the families are introduced to each other and the bride's family gives gifts to the groom's family and relatives, but why should they only give gifts? Why not make it a mutual gifting ceremony where they give gifts to the bride's family and receive gifts as well.

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