Wedding planning: Keep THESE things in mind while planning an outdoor wedding

Updated on Mar 09, 2020 01:39 PM IST  |  1M
Wedding planning: Keep THESE things in mind while planning an outdoor wedding
Wedding planning: Keep THESE things in mind while planning an outdoor wedding

An outdoor wedding may seem fun and interesting but the planning requires a lot more than just that. Outdoor weddings open up a lot of doors for you when it comes to the scenic view and the decor and even the seating arrangement. It comes with a list of mistakes that you are prone to making which means that you need to be prepared for anything and everything when you have an outdoor wedding. Your big day is special, not just for you but also for all the people who are going to be by your side as you tie the knot and unite with your companion for life. So, it's normal to want to ensure that nothing goes wrong on your D-day but this means you need to be very careful when you plan your outdoor wedding and for that, you're going to need to have a checklist to keep everything on point and hassle-free.


Here are some things to keep in mind while planning an outdoor wedding.


1. Many of us tend to forget the one most important thing while planning an outdoor wedding and that is bugs and mosquitoes. It's best to call someone to get rid of them well in advance and have your venue sorted out before it gets too late. You don't want to be battling with mosquitoes while you smile and greet your guests.


2. Check the weather conditions and forecast and prepare for it. You will be needing heaters at the venue if the weather is chilly and coolers if it's hot. You don't want to be caught up in a situation where you're sweating in your wedding lehenga. Moreover, knowing the weather helps you pick the right time for your wedding function.


3. Remember that outdoor wedding means you need to pick your venue carefully to ensure that you have the license for everything. If your venue is not at a resort or a hotel, you may need special permissions to play music and put up lightings and decor and serve alcohol as well.


4. An outdoor wedding means that you need to invest more in decor than anything else. You will have a lot of space and you can take the time to plan your decor in a cost-effective manner and put everything around you to good use. Use the space you have to make a photo booth and have a fun seating arrangement and put up decorations on the trees and bushes around the venue.


5. Keep in mind the lighting of the venue. You don't just need a beautiful venue but you also need a well-lit venue. It's your big day and you don't want pictures in poor lighting and that's a mistake that many people make when planning an outdoor wedding.


6. Think about portable washrooms. If your venue is away from the hotel or doesn't have any restrooms close by, it can be quite a hassle for everyone involved and it's best to have portable washrooms in place for everyone's comfort. 



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