Wedding Planning: THIS is why we all need a wedding gift registry aka wedding gift list

Updated on Feb 14, 2020 01:19 PM IST  |  763.7K
Wedding Planning: THIS is why we all need a wedding gift registry aka wedding gift list
Wedding Planning: THIS is why we all need a wedding gift registry aka wedding gift list

A big fat wedding means a lot of guests and a number of wedding gifts. Everyone who graces a couple with their presence on their special day brings a special gift for the couple. Many people get them meaningful gifts while others give them useful gifts that can help them put together their new home. But with time, people are also changing and so are their requirements. The millennial couples these days have different requirements for their homes and the gifts that they often get on their wedding turn out to be useless and sometimes they end up with a number of same things. This only adds to their excess luggage and makes it difficult for them. This is why many couples are turning to the western trend of a wedding gift registry for their wedding gifts. A wedding gift registry is a list of wedding gifts that a couple make as per their requirement. Every guest can pick something from this list as per their budget. A wedding gift list has become a very useful wedding trend to make things easier for the newlyweds. If you're wondering why this is a good idea, here are some reasons. 


1. It reduces waste and doubling of gifts. Many times people end up giving same or similar things to the couple which they have no need for and it becomes a waste gift that they have to carry around and get rid of. A wedding gift list ensures that couples don't have to struggle with such problems. 


2. A wedding gift list makes it very easy for all the guests. Most guests end up looking for gifts and wondering what to get the newlywed but a list makes it easier for them to pick something within their budget to get for the couple. 


3. Indian weddings are expensive and then the process of starting a new life and putting together a new home can be very expensive and having a wedding gift list can help a couple save some money by putting together things for their home that they truly need instead of gifts that they have no use of. 


4. This allows guests to send their gifts directly to your home by placing their gift order online which means that they don't have to go through the hassle of picking up a gift and carrying it around when they attend your wedding. 


5. Indian families have a habit of making a note of who gave them what so that they can return the favour in a similar manner but the best way to do this is by making a wedding gift list. This way you have a record of who gifted you what without making a note of every little gift and envelope. 


6. You don't have to struggle with recycling or repurposing or regifting your gifts. It reduces your excess luggage drastically and makes your life easier. Moreover, this way you get to ask for whatever gifts you want instead of just putting up with unwanted gifts. 


7. By creating a wedding gift registry you allow your friends and family to pool money together and gift you something expensive as a group gift. This makes it a lot easier on everyone's pocket and is beneficial for you as well. 



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