Wedding Shopping: Avoid making THESE bridal trousseau mistakes

Bridal trousseau shopping can be very troublesome especially when you're running short on time and that's when you're more prone to making mistakes but you can always avoid them by keeping some things in mind.
Wedding Shopping: Avoid making THESE bridal trousseau mistakes Wedding Shopping: Avoid making THESE bridal trousseau mistakes
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Buying your wedding outfits and jewellery can be a task. Wedding shopping is crazy and picking out clothes, makeup and jewellery and creating a beautiful bridal trousseau is not easy. Now as fun and exciting as wedding shopping maybe, it's not just about picking pretty clothes and the perfect shades of makeup. Wedding trousseau shopping can be pretty nerve-wracking. But this day is one of the most important days in a girls life and it means everything to her. It's important to find the best things for your bridal trousseau and look like a newlywed bride. But a lot of girls end up making loads of mistakes with their bridal trousseau because they push it off to the last minute and it's always best to plan your wedding shopping well in advance and shop for your bridal trousseau in order to avoid any bridal trousseau mistakes. Your bridal trousseau needs a lot of attention and planning. But even with a lot of planning people tend to make mistakes with their trousseau because of all the chaos and wedding planning but it's best to keep an eye out for it.


Here are some bridal trousseau mistakes to avoid while shopping.

1. Most brides buy well-fitted outfits which is not a problem but most women tend to put on weight due to all the late nights and disrupted diet. Don't buy an outfit bigger than your size but try to invest in something that has a margin on the inside and can be fixed to fit you perfectly.

2. Don't buy too many things for your honeymoon. Limit the number of things you buy for your honeymoon. Remember that you have your regular wardrobe and pick some clothes from that too instead of wasting money on your honeymoon looks.

3. Most of us invest in the latest trend when buying our outfits but it's best not to invest in too many of the latest cuts. The trend keeps changing and when you're investing in expensive desi outfits, it's best to buy things that won't go waste when the trend changes.

4. Don't stick to one or two colours. You may have a favourite colour but pick outfits in different colours and shades so that you don't look limited to shades. Pick some shades of pink and blue as well as yellow and mustard.

5. Most Indian brides pick heavy desi outfits for post-wedding rituals and functions, but it's always good to invest in some light and comfortable desi outfits that look good. Go for silk sarees and brocade lehengas and some salwaar kameez and anarkalis.

6. Pick comfortable footwear. Don't blindly invest in desi heels and wedges. Pick out some simple flats and shoes to pair with your desi looks.

7. Most brides end up buying unnecessary makeup products. Remember that these products come with an expiry date and stocking them up without thinking if you need them or not.

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