Wedding special: Wondering what to gift newlyweds? Here are some ideas that don't include photo frames

Don't go for the cliche photo frames, pen sets and cutlery. Instead, opt for these new ideas that the couple is sure to love!
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When couples are getting married, one thing they need to prepare for are the numerous gifts they are going to get, that they know they will probably have to re-circle. Having fancy dinnerware and china sets, photo frames and wine glasses is cool and all, but how many of such products can you have? And then where do you keep them? To avoid such situations and give a gift to the couple that will actually mean something to them, take a look at some of the options listed below.

Couple watches

Pick out a luxury couple watch set for the newlyweds. This way they can be on time for your next hangout session, look chic at all times and absolutely love you for not giving them something as lame as a crockery set.




If you are aware that the couple loves adventure sports or activities, gift them the ability to do that! Passes for river rafting, bungee jumping or even a wine tour. They will thank you for such a different gift!

Laughing Buddha

This is supposed to be a symbol of happiness and joy. It is also supposed to be a symbol of good luck. Nothing like your gift being a contributing factor to the new couple’s joy, happiness and home.



Customised Wine bottles

If you know that the couple is fond of wine, a personalised wine set is a perfect gift for them. A couple of bottles and a set of glasses make for the classiest drink ever!


Whether it is in the form of terrariums, smaller plants and creepers or just pretty plants with flowers, they are sure to make the home a more comfortable and happier place with cleaner air.


Avoid the usual paintings of random people, objects and abstract art as it does not connect with everybody. Instead, opt for something quirkier. Get a caricature artist to create a caricature of the couple itself. A gift they are sure to love!

Maneki Neko

Just like the Laughing Buddha, the Japanese toy is also supposed to bring about good luck. Keeping it in the house is sure to bring in loads of good luck and happiness.

Coffee and Tea machine

Another safe bet and one of the best gifts you could give the newly-weds, because who doesn’t love a cuppa just before heading out to work or sipping on some tea post a long work-day? It is even better because the machine will not require any manual effort other than just pressing a few buttons.

Do you have any more ideas? Comment below and let us know!



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