Wedding: THESE easy diet tips can work wonder for every bride to be

Updated on Mar 04, 2020 12:11 PM IST  |  877.9K
Wedding: THESE easy diet tips can work wonder for every bride to be
Wedding: THESE easy diet tips can work wonder for every bride to be

The wedding season is here, and with that, the pressure to look flawless on your wedding is also here. More than the grooms, the brides have to go through a lot before their wedding. Right from choosing the perfect outfit to looking certain, brides have to put in a lot of effort. And to match the dreams that they have, some brides take drastic steps to get into a desirable shape. However, brides tend to forget that they look the prettiest when they are comfortable in their skin. 


If you are a bride-to-be and are confused about the right tips to follow and how to maintain the perfect balance between junk and healthy, then here are a few tips that'll help look radiant and best at your wedding. 


Bid adieu to sugar:



You anyway have to eat a vivid type of sweets during your wedding, so it's better to leave till that time. Sugar is empty calories, which you don't want to consume before your important day when all eyes will be on you. However, when we say to avoid sugar, we also mean that don't substitute it with artificial sweeteners.  


Avoid packed foods:



More than sugar, processed and packed foods are harmful to your body. They not only clog the pores but at times are also responsible for pimples. So it is better to give up all the processed and frozen foods. 


Limit your liquor consumption:



No party is complete without a drink, but be a little wary when your wedding is around. Too much alcohol can make you feel dehydrated, sick and can lead to vomiting in some cases. And all this can make you look pale on THE day. 


Eat more greens:



Consume greens, seasonal fruits and protein-rich food to get the energy and natural sugar. These food items will give you the much-needed energy that you need for the wedding.


Don't stress eat:



If you are feeling stressed about something, go for a walk or hydrate yourself. Stress eating can not only lead to weight gain, but it also shows on your skin.




Food tasting and exercise go hand in hand:



Yes, you have to go for food tastings for your wedding, but make sure to exercise after eating all that yummy food.


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