Wedding: THESE tips will help you make the most of your hair and makeup trial

Wedding is a big deal for every bride. Every bride wants to look perfect and hence takes several makeup trials. If you are going to take a makeup trial soon, then these tips will come handy to you.
Wedding: THESE tips will help you make the most of your hair and makeup trial
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In the wedding, there are multiple things that a bride has to take care of. Right from choosing the perfect outfit to finalising the makeup artist, a bride has to do a lot. While outfit and accessories can still be managed by her bridesmaids or mother, but when it comes to makeup, the bride that has to be present for the trial. Hair and makeup trials are essential so that there's no goof-up during THE day. 


Some makeup artist’s offer a free hair and makeup trial, some offer a half-face makeup trial while some charge for a full hair and makeup trial. Regardless, the trial is worth it. If you have booked your makeup trial, then here are some tips that you should follow to make sure that you get the most out of your hair and makeup trial. 


Always share ideas:


Do some research beforehand and share some ideas that you may have thought so far. Don't depend solely on the makeup artist. Show them pictures of what you want your hairstyle or makeup to look like. Don't be afraid to share your ideas, they are always welcomed. 


Take your makeup products:


The products that you used will give the makeup artist a fair idea of the type of makeup you like. If you use a matte foundation and light shade of highlighter, then the makeup artist will suggest a look accordingly. 


Go make-up free:


Before going to the makeup artist, make sure to have no makeup on your face. Wash your face and let the artist do the magic from thereon. It is essential since it gives them a clear picture of what they have to work with – skin tone, skin type, lines, wrinkles, etc.


Your makeup and the outfit colour matters:


Let the makeup artist know the colour of your outfit before starting the trial. It is important since the trial makeup is what your makeup will look like on the main day, so it has to be in sync with your outfit. 




You might have a particular look in mind, but if your makeup artist is suggesting that you opt for something else, then be open to the suggestion. If the makeup artist says red lehenga with red lipstick, try it out! Similarly, if the hairstylist tells you to opt for a messy braid or a messy bun, try it out. You’ll never know if you love it or hate it till you try it!


Take lots of pictures:


Take pictures from different angles to make sure it looks perfect – if it looks too cakey or too much in the pictures, chances are it looks the same in reality as well. Make sure to get it corrected because you don't want to look like this on your wedding day. 

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