Wedding Tips: 7 things a bride should avoid before the D day

Updated on Apr 03, 2020 09:07 PM IST  |  1.2M
Wedding Tips: 7 things a bride should avoid before the D day
Wedding Tips: 7 things a bride should avoid before the D day

Your big day is here and so are the wedding jitters. They have you all confused about what you should or shouldn’t do. You’re tempted to do half the things you want while you’re single but now is not the time. You have to let go of all the temptations and concentrate on the day you will start your ‘forever’ with someone. 

Do not let these fancies get in your head and mess up your calm state of mind (or maybe not so calm). The week before the wedding is the time to take care of all the last-minute details, and not make drastic decisions that you might regret later. So, to save you the time and effort, here are some informative tips for every bride-to-be. 

Things a bride must not do before her wedding day. 

1. No Drastic Haircut or colour 


Making changes to your hair is okay but not before the wedding. You never know the colour you choose might not go with your wedding lehenga. Keep the same haircut and hair colour you had when you went for your wedding trials. Last-minute changes can be a huge risk. 

2. Trying out new exercises


Do not, we repeat do not try a new workout just before your wedding. Your body won’t get used to it and you will end up getting sore muscles. No bride can handle an Indian wedding lehenga with back pain. 

3. No chemical peels


Keep the chemical peels away from yourself until after your big day. Unless, of course, you want your skin to look completely red and swollen.  

4. Say no to all-nighters 


We understand wedding jitters are not letting you sleep, but try not to binge-watch anything and everything you find on Netflix. Pulling an all-nighter means puffy eyes and dark circles, which equals dull wedding photos.

5. Comfort foods will NOT comfort you 


Rather than indulging in those sweet delights, invest this week before the wedding to eat whole foods, green veggies, fresh fruits and juices. Trust us! You will save yourself from last-minute indigestion problems.

6. Snooze, don’t booze


While getting drunk before your wedding is not a good idea, beauty sleep is. You definitely don’t want to wake up to puffy eyes and a bad headache. And then there is the guilt! 

7. Surround yourself with negative people


Do you have someone in your friend circle who always finds something negative to say and ruin the mood? Well, steer clear of that person. Instead, surround yourself with people who bring positivity to your life and talk about things that make you laugh and lighten the mood.

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