What are the factors a girl should keep in mind while looking for a match abroad?

If you are looking for your match abroad to get married and settled, then it is essential to know every small detail about the groom and his family. So, Tania Malhotra Sondhi, Co-founder MatchMe, shares her views on the factors that the girls should keep in mind before taking things forward.
Indian Matchmaking Abroad Tips What are the factors a girl should keep in mind while looking for a match abroad?
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Are you looking for your perfect match abroad? This might be a bit dicey for the bride’s side as you don’t know anything about where the groom is residing, his surroundings, social life and his lifestyle. He is from a different part of the world that is culturally diversified than your location. So, before saying yes, make sure you check his background and then take things forward. So, Tania Malhotra Sondhi, Co-founder MatchMe, talks about the factors that a girl should keep in mind while looking for a match abroad.

Who is Making Effort?

The first and foremost thing to focus on in this scenario should be whether the guy himself is looking out for a life partner especially through an arranged marriage set-up and whether he is willing to settle down. Usually, it is the parents back in India making the effort for the boys living and working abroad. So, it is imperative that the girl should personally have a detailed and proper conversation with the guy to gauge his interest level and intention before taking things forward.

Visa Status

Secondly, the citizenship status or visa status is something that one should be clear on from the onset, as it will help the girl plan things at her end in an organised manner with no last-minute hiccups that can be very stressful.

Knowing Employment Scopes

A girl should also proactively do her homework about the city the guy is based in to ascertain the scope of her employment in terms of the availability of jobs that match her education, experience and skillsets. One should always check the annual earnings in terms of the local currency and the cost of living in the city as well.

Visiting Native Place

It is also important to check where the groom's family is based, so one can plan the periodicity or frequency and the requisite cost for the trips back to India accordingly.

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