Why are couples ditching the big fat Indian weddings for eco friendly weddings? Experts weigh in

Currently, there has been seen a growth in the eco-friendly weddings and a decline in big fat weddings. So, experts explain the reason behind it and why this is a great idea amid COVID 19.
Eco Friendly Indian Wedding Why are couples ditching the big fat Indian weddings for eco friendly weddings? Experts weigh in
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When it comes to Indian wedding, then the big fat ones are the most desired occasions that one wishes to have to celebrate their new beginning. Big fat Indian weddings have always been at the top of the priority list for all brides and grooms-to-be. But currently, there has been a change amongst millennial brides and grooms. They are more into having a cost-effective eco-friendly wedding. So, experts give their opinion on this.

Why eco friendly wedding is a great idea?

According to, entertainment specialist, Nitin Arora, MD Katalyst Entertainment, “Post Covid-19, things have changed, the whole world knows it. Pre-Covid there was a different mindset altogether, people wanted to take the grand route to special celebrations, in every aspect. They wanted to have a large gathering, a big wedding with thousands of guests. But now things have gone the other way round, given the circumstances. Couples and their parents have understood that weddings are not just about calling 2000 people but having the close ones around and celebrations which are enjoyed by the family as well. So now they are going for the smaller set of people. Even now weddings are down to 200 or 100 people because of new regulations given by the government.”

He further said, “Also, couples are really enjoying this, so it may not be necessarily a less ideal scenario, because they are saving on everything like finances, environment, water etc. People have begun to find joy with smaller sets of people where they are not doing things in the ‘big fat Indian wedding style’, but they are doing it in a smart way. Hence, eco-friendly theme is making its way into the Indian wedding shenanigans. And probably, the trend will change because for every wedding season there is a new trend.”

Features of Eco-Friendly Wedding

Ruchita Bansal, Founder and Creative Director, Izhaar said, “While there are many ways to have an eco-friendly wedding, there are some easy ways to reduce waste and become environment friendly as well. But it would definitely be able to reach your expectation as well. An eco-friendly decoration with cane, invitation cards made of biodegradable eco-paper etc. are some of the easy ways to make your eco-friendly wedding look gorgeous.”

Different Aspects of Eco-Friendly Wedding

Pawan Chawla Founder, P&M Movies thinks “‘Go Eco Friendly’, ‘Go Green’ are undoubtedly the forever slogans. But these days, eco-friendly wedding is something that is ruling the social media. From wedding theme to decorations to invitation to gifts to garlands to cutlery to food, couples are going for all Eco-friendly weddings. They are not just focusing on using zero plastics, but are also going for products that don't harm natural resources. They want to promote green living and want to start the new chapter of their life on a greener note.”

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Indian weddings minus Bollywood drama is perfectly eco friendly