Wondering what's the best age to get married? Here's the answer

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Here is when to get married
Wondering what's the best age to get married? Here's the answer

If by any chance, the 2021 wedding wave has spared you, you might be counting yourself on the list of the fortunate ones if the wedding is not on your cards yet. However, what you can never get away from is the ‘You’re next’ syndrome courtesy to all the nosy neighbourhood aunties and the not-so-caring relatives.

Amid all this, the one thing you might be wondering, for sure, is the right age to get married. Some say it’s the early 20s, while others insist that it’s the late 20s. And the rest of the progressive minds leave it for you to decide.

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And that’s actually the right thing to do. While science may suggest otherwise, psychologically it’s you who must be deciding what’s the right age for you to get married. Because there can never be one size fits all approach.

Many experts suggest that before making your mind to tying the knot, there are a few things that one should analyse and evaluate. By this, we don’t discourage you from marrying right away if you feel you have found your perfect match. But, in case you don’t, and you want to make a wise decision, you should keep in mind some basic parameters.

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To begin with, ask yourself if you really want to do it? If the answer is a big yes. Go on. If it’s a maybe, this signals you might need some time to process your thoughts before making a decision. If the answer is no, it is, of course, self-explanatory.

If this reminds you that of your grandparent’s words of wisdom that it’s important to get married early in order to have a happy and successful marriage, it might be true, too. Because, after all, they are speaking from their experience. But in a constantly developing world, if you get married for the sake of it, you might not find yourself in a happy place.

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The next thing one should keep in mind before marrying is financial independence. However, this might not be a constraint for some. If you think you are capable enough of earning well in the future, go for it. If you want to get settled first before marrying, do that. But remember getting settled is a myth and you can never really figure out when you are settled enough for marriage.

Apart from this, find out if you are ready for the responsibility. Set aside your ego, be ready for adjustments, and don’t get overwhelmed by the responsibility of another human being and maybe their families, too. Remember marriages are about to give and take. So, be mature enough to understand your partner physically, mentally, and emotionally.

To cut the long story short, if you have reasonable answers to the aforementioned, and if you are ready to rise above the ‘I, Me and Myself factor’, you can marry whenever you want to. Not to mention, keeping in mind the legal age as listed by the Government. There’s nothing called the best or right age to married, as long as you are mature enough, or are ready to become one.

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