Weekly Tarot (Oct 10th to 16th Oct): Here's the outlook for Taurus, Aries and Gemini

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Future predictions for the week

Future!!! And we all then want to know the unknown!! Though it's something none of us can know accurately, we could surely get guidance, a kind of a silhouette…so here goes!! Get a glimpse of the week ahead with celebrated tarot card reader Poonam Sethi!! 


There will be discussions concerning travel, schedules,  new groups or unions; and philanthropic endeavors. Money will be fair or alternating from good to bad, and will be spent on household items, living expenses, and various sundries. And, if a financial transaction has been bothering you, you’ll soon have a pleasant surprise. Also, money will come in through clients, dividends or legacies. There will be no love life at this time because all of your activities will be geared to daily living, family ties or your home. You, a family member or a pet will need attention, shots, grooming or looking after.

Work on: love

Let go: anxiety


You will be easily irritated, explosive or impatient but will change because a new vision or romantic opportunity will inspire more confidence or optimism. Personally you will be weighted down with responsibilities and feeling that you will have no one to lighten your load or ease your burdens. Professionally, you will make many important contacts, but will have to wait for things to unfold.  Your greatest success will come through new or repeat business contacts, but will want to make more. You may suffer from tension headaches or lower back aches.

Work on: gratitude

Let go: impatience


You will soon experience better financial conditions and a pleasant surprise. You will be concentrating on making money or bettering your financial condition so you’ll busy yourself with activities geared to promoting or advancing endeavor.  Your sense of connectedness with another is going to end, a partnership will look as if its over and a business is about to fold….but its for your good! Beware the demon rum, which will give you the courage to act impulsively; or someone you know may have a drinking problem. This also indicates that one who’s been ill or had surgery is on the road to recovery.

Work on: peace

Let go: stubborness


You’ll need to rest before commencing any new ventures. Some unexpected or surprising news is going to overthrow existing conditions and bring a new opportunity. Your financial position will improve considerably and success will come through improved business, new opportunities and recognition for your talents. You will be concerned about the lack of business and money and may begin to feel that you’ve made a mistake, but you will try to take a positive point of view and wait for the final verdict.  An unexpected event will shake your trust temporarily in the one you love or your love for that person….but dont take any hasty decision.

Work on: calmness

Let go: hypothetical fear


Change will bring a new perspective and a new you, and by putting your pessimism or insecurities behind you, you’ll become a much stronger and happier person. You will run into conflicts which will require a great deal of emotional control, but you will master the situation internally rather than moving into an external fray. You will be paid that which is owed or due to you, but could feel shortchanged or cheated.  You are going to be happy in a relationship you thought may not work out! You could have physical premonitions of that which is to come, or be subject to strange sensations, sleeping disorders, or lumps, bumps or cysts.

Work on: positivity

Let go :anger


Withhold judgment for now, and don’t make premature evaluations. Your work will start off bright, and then turn dark, and then bright again. Don’t worry, after a slight reversal you’ll see material gain or a good outcome. Money that was promised or anticipated will be delayed, but should arrive shortly. You will want the same things as before, but with a different partner or in a different way. It can’t be the same as it has been… it will be better. You could have bouts with insomnia or troubled sleep due to overthinking.

Work on: prioritizing

Let go: overthinking


You will succeed in overcoming difficult situations, and in obtaining the help of a professional. You are going to experience tension related to finances, but difficulties will be overcome and a payment or settlement is in the offing. You’ll take a break from your work or current project and do something more pleasurable. Something that moves you from behind the scenes to center stage (maybe a workshop or seminar) or mental work will be very successful and a lot will get accomplished. An amorous and impetuous suitor is going to try and win your heart…he/she just might. You will finally take a much-needed rest, and will be nursing yourself or a loved one back to good health.

Work on: relationships

Let go: overconfidence


You will be successful in most of your negotiations, agreements or financial transactions. Money that is owed will be paid, and/or money for a subsidy or grant will soon be given. You will handle your affairs skillfully and complete all projects or financial matters successfully… but love will be more important than work. You will think about love and what it would be like to live with someone or get married. You will try to accomplish too many things at once and that will affect your health adversely. Also, do not ingest food that you are not certain of. In the end you will triumph, and all matters will conclude successfully or to your satisfaction.

Work on: satisfaction

Let go: laziness


You will hold off an idea because you wont be ready to commit or will feel the time isn’t right or that there’s too much hard work involved. You’ll have repeat clients, and some financial increase or profit, but will be waiting for something to happen or turn up, and will fear the work you’re doing has little value or that you wont be able to sustain yourself in the future. Financial problems will arise over someone who will stick you with the bill or try to take more than their share, but you will have enough to get by. You will be waiting to see what a lover will do. This could also indicate a sudden flight from home, but not a permanent one. You need to get more rest, and to get rid of those who ‘zap’ your energy or take all and give nothing in return.

Work on: focus

Let go: impatience


You can expect an increase in your finances, which will allow you to spend money on gifts or luxuries, and if you had a problem collecting money it will be resolved. You will prosper in financial transactions, complete every task you set out to do, and accomplish much more than you thought you would; and/ or you will succeed in launching great plans, building new platforms, and making executive decisions. You’ll be thinking about the one you love and will want to be with him/her again, and he/she will be thinking the same about you. You will be worried about a physical condition (yours or that of another) and your teeth may need attention. 

Work on: trust

Let go: fatigue


You will review the quality of your love life or relationship(s) and will realize that’s exactly what you want- quality not quantity- and so far its been the other way around.  Someone will displease you, unearth hidden insecurities, or make you feel that your work is inferior or that your job is in jeopardy. But its not! You will be feeling a definite crunch in your pocketbook and will wonder where your next rupee is coming from. But your finances are about to improve. Your teeth will need attention. Wait for time to take its course.

Work on: health

Let go: fear


Expect a new beginning and a fresh start.  You will suddenly become more goal-oriented or motivated and will have the wherewithal to attract whatever it is you need in your work environment, and/or you will receive a considerable increase in salary or income. A new partnership could also be in the making. You will do very well financially or in your business transactions. Though you don’t think so now, a new romantic beginning or rekindled affair is at hand and a great love affair is emminent. You will experience stress and/or will find it difficult to ascertain the problem or obtain the correct medication.


Work on: friendships

Let go: ego

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