Zurich To Jungfraujoch: 5 Most beautiful places to visit in Switzerland

From stunning alpine backdrop to quaint towns, Switzerland oozes mesmerizing beauty and charm. Here are the 5 most beautiful places that one should definitely visit in Switzerland.
Switzerland,Europe Zurich To Jungfraujoch: 5 Most beautiful places to visit in Switzerland
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The picturesque snow-capped mountains, sparkling blue lakes and lush green forests, Switzerland is straight out of fairytale land. Travellers come here for jaw-dropping scenery but are also charmed by numerous cultural attractions.

With world-class resorts and a bunch of adventure sports to do, Switzerland is jam packed with stunning medieval towns hugging the crook of a river. With excellent museums and galleries, Switzerland can sometimes feel like several countries in one. Here are the 5 must visit places in Switzerland. 

1. Lake Geneva 
From the hustle-bustle of the canton to attractive vineyards, there is plenty to do in the beautiful Geneva region. From water-skiing to windsurfing, there are numerous adventure activities to do on the lakeside. For a lazy weekend, one can just sit back and enjoy the beauty of this gorgeous city. 

2. Jungfrau 
One of the highest attractions in Switzerland, this place offers a range of adventure activities like mountain climbing and tobogganing. The most stunning attraction of this place is Jungfrau railway, where the train climbs up to 3,454 meters above sea level to the highest railway station in Europe. 

3. Bern 
Bern is the medieval city in the heart of Switzerland. Being Switzerland’s capital, it is one of the most captivating places to visit. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bern has a mixed variety of boutiques, bars, and bears. The city also hosts numerous festive markets every year. And, I must not miss, the famous shots of Yash Raj movies are shot in Bern and nearby areas. 

4. Matterhorn 
This pyramid-shaped mountain is one of the world’s most photographed mountains, which stands 4,478 meters tall. If you are a thrill-seeker, you can trek, or you can also stick to the cable car as it offers some excellent views of the mountain peak and beyond. 

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5. Zurich 
No points for guessing! Last but not the least, no itinerary of best places in Switzerland is complete without mentioning Zurich. The largest city in Swiss, Zurich is also the social and cultural hub of the country. From the famous Pride parade to Europe’s largest street rave, Zurich has the most serene streets with the stunning view of Zurich lake.

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Amazing! Cannot wait to visit all these places post pandemic

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Lid must go on dude..: live and let others live happily