Health and fitness

Ashwagandha Health Benefits: Here’s why you should add THIS herb to your daily routine
Aloe Vera Benefits: Here is why you need to add them to your skin and hair CARE regime
This Day That Year
Best Exercise for Diabetes: THESE workouts with medication and a healthy diet can help you to fight diabetes
Best Exercises for Back Pain: THESE easy physical activities will provide you relief from back pain
Best Exercises for Knee Pain: THESE simple exercises will give you relief from knee pain
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Motivate your friend to get healthier: HERE’S how you can become a workout buddy
Broccoli Health Benefits: Find out why this vegetable is a MUST HAVE food
Healthy foods for dementia patients: THESE are the best foods to fight dementia
Diabetes Apps: THESE are the apps that will help your manage your blood sugar level
Blood Pressure by age: Find out what happens to blood pressure levels as we age
High BP Vs Low BP: EVERYTHING that you need to know
Weekend Weight Loss: Staying in shape on the weekend made EASY
Diabetes type 1 Vs type 2: EVERYTHING that you need to know about the chronic conditions
Staying fit: EASY exercise ideas for seniors to remain fit and healthy
Cheat days can actually be BENEFICIAL for you; Here's how
PMLE : What it is and how you can treat it at home
Aiming for your healthy state? Include THESE nuts in your diet to be your healthiest best
On Diet? THESE are the 7 diet mistakes we all make
Want to shape your hips? Here are some exercises to help you achieve it
Planning to cut down your sugar intake? Here are some things you need to know before you take that step
You need to follow THESE celebs on Instagram for Fitness Inspiration
Want a flat belly? Here's how you can achieve it by doing THESE exercises
Do you have thyroid? THESE things can help you to improve your thyroid function
Has your weight increased? Here's how you can shed it if you find out it is the water weight
Is your daily dose of caffeine affecting your weight? Find out
Are you suffering from a slow metabolism? THESE tips will help you to increase it
Want to shed all the extra kilos? Here’s why you need to plan your weight loss program
Planning to work out? Here’s why warm up is important
Stressing about your weight? Here’s why you need to stop it and focus on your health
Can’t figure out what to believe? Here are some weight loss myths debunked

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement