Hello therapist

Hello Therapist: I’m 68 and constant dreams about my past life keep me up at night; I’m tired, what to do?
Hello Therapist: I’m 20 and don’t want to study but earn money instead; My parents are insisting otherwise
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Hello Therapist: I’m 30 and my family is forcing me to have kids but I’m not ready; Please suggest
Hello Therapist: I like a shorter man who ghosted me because of my height, I feel hurt: What should I do?
Hello Therapist: I am 30, have never dated & want to marry someone I know; Parents want an arranged marriage
Hello Therapist: We’ve decided to get married & I don’t want to stay with his family but he does; Please help
Hello Therapist: I'm 20 & find it awkward to share room with my brother; My friends don't visit due to it
Hello Therapist: I’m 60 and I like my colleague who is in her late 30s; Is this normal?; Can I ask her out?
Hello Therapist: I’m 30 and my family is making me meet girls; I’m not ready for marriage, so please help
Hello Therapist: I never figured out my girlfriend’s inclination towards the same gender; Am I a bad partner?
Hello Therapist: I am dating two girls and only in love with one; I don’t know how to confess
Hello Therapist: I always feel the urge to keep a check on my girlfriend’s phone; What should I do?
Hello Therapist: I have feelings for my best friend but he got married & is ignoring me; Does he like me now?
Hello Therapist: I’m 19 and attracted to my teacher; I feel guilty, what should I do?
Hello Therapist: I’m 15 & suffering from Hypothyroidism; I’m bullied for my weight & get compared to elephants
Hello Therapist: My friend saw my husband with another woman; Should I believe her & confront him?
Hello Therapist: I am attracted to my girlfriend’s best friend and I don’t know what to do; Please help
Hello Therapist: We are dating for 11 years but since the lockdown, he feels distant; Is he having an affair?
Hello Therapist: Me & my wife are happy & trying for a baby; Suddenly my ex wants to get in touch; What to do?
Hello Therapist: I want to get married but get rejected for being tall; It’s creating a complex, what to do?
Hello Therapist: I’m having an affair and feel guilty; Don’t know whether I should say this to my husband
Hello Therapist: Every time I feel he is my soul mate, I can see a different side of him; Do I have an issue?
Hello Therapist: I’m 29 & my boyfriend is 26; He wants to get married but I am not prepared; What to do?
Hello Therapist: My husband is ADDICTED to watching girls & dirty films online; I have threatened to leave him
Hello Therapist: I am often embarrassed when my boss who is a woman gets angry at me; What should I do?
Hello Therapist: I’m facing issues about my sexuality & do not feel comfortable around boys; What should I do?
Hello Therapist: My boyfriend is possessive; Meets his female friends but can't accept me with my male friends
Hello Therapist: I have to constantly choose between my career and being a good mother; I am confused
Hello Therapist: I'm not good at studies & my family members think I'm useless; I feel depressed; Please help
Hello Therapist: My manager thinks I am rude, I feel lost & don’t know what I am doing; How can I handle this?
Hello Therapist: My brother & his wife always fight & I play mediator as they deny therapy; What should I do?
Hello Therapist: I am married & feel guilty for getting attracted to a guy in my gym; What should I do?
Hello Therapist: My boyfriend keeps texting a female colleague and hides it from me, what should I do?