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Angrezi Medium movie poster

Angrezi Medium

  • Drama
  • March, 13 2020
  • 2 Hours 25 Minutes
  • Hindi
  • Budget: ₹ 36 Crore

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Angrezi Medium is a heartwarming tale of the unbreakable bond between a father and his daughter. Champak, played by Irrfan Khan, is a loving and dedicated single parent to his daughter Tarika, portrayed by Radhika Madan. Set in the picturesque city of Udaipur, Champak and his brother Gopi, played by Deepak Dobriyal, run a sweet shop called Ghasiteram Sweets. Despite their deep affection for each other, the brothers find themselves embroiled in a legal battle over the ownership of the shop. The case goes to court where Justice Chheda, played by 19754, gives his verdict in favor of Gopi. However, things take an unexpected turn when Gopi confesses to Champak that he bribed the judge to win the case, which is recorded by their friend Gajju, played by Kiku Sharda. The story beautifully portrays the complexities of family relationships and how they can overcome any obstacle with love and understanding. Tarika is an average student who dreams of studying in London and winning a scholarship offered by her school. After working hard, she manages to score 85% in her exams, which makes her eligible for the UK scholarship. At the felicitation ceremony, Justice Chheda, who is the chief guest, awards her the scholarship. However, Champak is furious when he learns that Justice Chheda is involved in corrupt activities, and he exposes him in front of everyone, not realizing that Chheda is the husband of the school principal (played by Meghna Malik). As a result of this, Tarika's scholarship gets canceled. Champak promises Tarika that he will get her admission into the college of her choice in London, no matter what it takes. Unfortunately, Tarika's efforts to secure admission to a London college through other quotas are in vain. Gopi suggests that they seek help from Bablu, an old friend settled in London, and Champak agrees. Bablu arrives in Udaipur on Champak's sponsorship and offers to help them obtain British citizenship, which would enable Tarika to get admission easily. The trio travels to London, but at the airport, Champak and Gopi are mistakenly identified as drug dealers and are sent back to India while Tarika is left stranded in London. The film explores what happens next.

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Pinkvilla’s Review

Angrezi Medium explores the father-daughter relationship and delivers on it. The acting and dialogue are excellent, with Irrfan and Deepak Dobriyal delivering standout performances. Radhika Madan also manages to leave an impact with her presence. However, the film underutilized the talented supporting cast and added unnecessary subplots, which stretched the film's length. The director has managed to weave an entertaining story around the father-daughter relationship, but certain stereotypes could have been avoided. Overall, Angrezi Medium is a hilarious and heart-warming tale of a father-daughter relationship, with witty one-liners and a commendable performance by the star cast.