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The White Tiger movie poster

The White Tiger

  • Crime • Drama
  • January, 13 2021
  • 2 Hours 5 Minutes
  • Hindi

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The movie The White Tiger follows the story of Balram Halwai, an entrepreneur who emails the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao in 2010 to share his life story. Balram believes that the Indian underclass is confined in a state of servitude, just like chickens in a coop. When Balram was young, he received a scholarship to attend a school in Delhi because of his exceptional academic abilities, and he was called a white tiger, a rare and special person born only once a century. However, due to financial constraints, he was forced to abandon his studies and work in a village tea stall. His father eventually dies from tuberculosis without medical treatment, leaving Balram alone to confront life's challenges. Balram dreams of working as a chauffeur for Ashok, the son of the village landlord 'the Stork', who has recently returned from the United States with his wife Pinky. Balram's grandmother pays for his driving lessons, and in return, he promises to share his salary with her. Balram is hired as the second driver for the Stork family but is also given menial tasks and mistreated. The fear of harm to him and his family is used to keep Balram loyal, with the threat of violence if he betrays his employers.

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Movie Name :

The White Tiger

Released Date :

13 January 2021

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Runtime :

2 Hours 5 Minutes

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Crime, Drama

Pinkvilla’s Review

The highly anticipated movie, The White Tiger, has been released on Netflix and centers around the story of Balram, played by Adarsh Gourav, who aspired to study but couldn't due to poverty and familial responsibilities. The movie intertwines the themes of class and caste divide with satirical elements and brilliant performances. The director, Ramin Bahrani, skillfully incorporates the magic and colors of New Delhi into the narrative, making it reminiscent of Parasite. Adarsh Gourav delivers a remarkable performance, while Priyanka Chopra Jonas's character felt underdeveloped due to limited screen time. Though uneven at times, The White Tiger is a memorable movie with impressive one-liners and comparisons that leave you smirking.