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Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi have come together once again to star in Aparnaa Singh's Irada. The powerful duo are known performers and have given some stellar hits in the past. Needless to say, that's some huge potential. The movie which released today also stars Diwakar Kumar, Rumana Molla, Divya Dutta, Sharad Kelkar, Sagarika Ghatge in lead roles.

What is unnerving is that with such a phenomenal cast, the box-office prediction by Ormax is a mere INR 0.1 crore which is indeed a dismal number. But why is this? It's not just the box-office numbers, but the marketing and promotional strategy of the movie are minimal to nothing. The buzz for the movie has been extremely poor as opposed to some of the recent films released like Raees and Kaabil. The fact that a strong marketing effort is needed to achieve good numbers has been established time and again by multiple movies. Word of mouth as we know, spreads only post people watching the film. In this case, considering minimal to almost zero presence of the movie on digital or television platforms, the simple fact is: If people don't know of the film how are they going to even watch it?

Add to it the fact that Irada has been released by PVR in the entire country. This means that the producers have spent a huge amount on distribution but is slotted only for the weekends, that too at not real peak time shows. Now, considering the movie is not going to budge much on the numbers, it might be an unfortunate situation if Irada doesn't even see a Monday at the Box Office.

Clearly, the marketing and promotions of the film have been neglected. Curiosity for the film has not been built for the audiences and the results are clearly going to be devastating. What is most unfortunate is that the producers and cast & crew of the film spend precious time and money on movies and just coz of a mislead promotional strategy it is going to be a disaster. We are talking about time and money lost and something which is not going to come back around.

A similar trend was seen last year with Pink. Despite having stellar content and cast, the opening of the movie was below par and it was only after word of mouth that the movie became the success it is. Imagine if the film had a stronger marketing campaign around the release and had a better opening day. We sure feel it would have done a way better number at the box office.

When it comes to movies like Raees, it's not just the star power that rakes in the numbers but it is also how the movie is marketed and promoted to the audience that brings the massive box-office numbers. Why else would you think a star of the ranks of Shahrukh Khan need to embark on a Train journey which was widely promoted on all digital and traditional media channels?

An opportunity loss won't you say?

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