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Jagga Jasoos brings back the magical team of Disney India, Anurag Basu, Ranbir Kapoor, Pritam and Ravi Varman – that made 2012’s heartwarming Barfi!. And if that was not enough, the gorgeous Katrina Kaif joins them on this adventurous outing this week!
While RK and Basu both have been heard saying in several interviews that Jagga Jasoos is a lot more than what Barfi! was for them, we have our own reasons to believe this. Apart from Basu’s signature humor and heartwarming moments, here’s what we think the audience can also look forward to in the highly-anticipated movie. 
Musicals as a genre is rare in Indian Cinema. While we have a lot of songs in our movies, and culture of singing and dancing and popular music from Movies is a part of our daily lives – musicals – IE singing dialogues, which take the narrative ahead – have almost never been seen.
The film has been shot across a multitude of locations – and Ravi Varman – who also shot Barfi! The imagery captured across the landscapes of Thailand, Africa and India are not just true to film and the adventure it promises to be for families; but also in themselves a cinematic feat!
Metro was about three stories crossing paths – which touched our hearts and made us laugh and cry at the same time. Barfi! was about three remarkable protagonists, of which one could not speak and yet said so much! And now we have Jagga Jasoos – where the genius Director, Basu has found yet another narrative style to tell us a heartwarming story, wrapped in humor and adventure – through a musical device.
#RanbirKatrina after 4 years
The two have worked over the last 3 and a half years on Jagga Jasoos. The couple rarely seen on screen together – are a delight in this film – and for a change not star crossed lovers! The last two films they have worked on have been box office hits – and loved by audiences, so – no prizes for guessing why we have been waiting for this one. While Ranbir plays Jagga – a young boy looking for his father, Katrina plays Shruti, an investigative journalist who partners with Jagga on his mission.  
To begin with Jagga and Shruti’s (Ranbir and Katrina’s respective characters) journey in search of Jagga’s missing father takes them around the world exploring some cinematically unexplored destinations of the faraway lands of Morocco and the African continent, Thailand, Darjeeling and more. The film is definitely going to give new travel goals to wanderlust pursuers! To add to the adventure, the story beautifully weaves in a whole spectrum of get-away-modes - from  a circus train to a rustic Tiger Moth, a raft, ostriches, mini cars and a homegrown Segway – there is nothing usual about it!
There’s an ostrich, an elephant, a leopard, giraffes, zebras and so much more! Never has an Indian film captured this kind of a “Jungle” in an adventure – and we are really looking forward to watching this world come alive!
As they sing their way through this musical adventure, be sure to fasten your seat belts – it looks like a wild, fun ride!
The musical adventure opens TODAY!



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