Social media is abuzz, but what is Lashtam Pashtam?

What on earth is this Lashtam Pashtam? Memes on social media are pouring in fast, we are seeing it at metro stations, and even the streets and hearing about it on the radio. We’ve all heard and seen it, but none of us knows what this means...

Come to think of it, it’s got a ring to it- Lashtam Pashtam; like the start of a children’s rhyme. Folksy, funny but not quite clear what it means- Lashtam Pashtam seems to be everywhere.

It could be so many things. Like if you are stuck on the roads in the maniac rain, maybe it's because of Lashtam Pashtam; or have a fight with your boss at the office. You can say, “Yaar aaj office mein Kuch Lashtam Pashtam ho gaya.” May be it is the new sarcastic poem that is soon going to hit our indifferent municipal authorities and local politicians... Or it could just mean holding on to your friend against all odds...For now, let's just put it all down to Lashtam Pashtam!

Everyone’s keen to find out what this Lashtam Pashtam is and the local RJs have begun investigating too. So let's wait and watch to finally know what Lashtam Pashtam could be. Maybe we all need a bit of it in our lives anyway.

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